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Last Updated: 05-09-2018

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T142out of 422 mocks (67% Overall)

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1st Round: 31/155 points
2nd Round: 13/155 points
3rd Round: 12/155 points
4th Round: 5/155 points
5th Round: 4/155 points
6th Round: 5/155 points
7th Round: 3/155 points

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73 points out of 1085 overall

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Ottawasens's comments: blah blah blah, we know how good he is. Always in the right position even when the pucks not on his stick. Fast, Smart and can through his body around.

Ottawasens's comments: despite being injuried, The big russian winger at 6'2 put up a spectacular season while playing with the Barrie Colts

Ottawasens's comments: montreal is in a rough spot, the need a center but they really lucked out this draft. Looking at there roster they could for sure use some strength along with a really good 2-way forward that knows how to shoot and plays physical. both elements that the Canadiens really could use.

Ottawasens's comments: Filip Zadina is really something to watch. Ottawa is a very vetran team ATM and they plummeted this season. They need someone who will be able to contribute in all aspects of the game. I have Zadina here going to the senators. Could you imagine guys like Matt Duchene, Filip Zadina,and mark stone on a line? sounds like a very good start to a teams rebuilding process.

Ottawasens's comments: Oliver Wahlstrom showed all of us what he could do at the world juniors and he has the smarts of stammer and the release of laine. this kid is going to be interesting to watch next season if he decides to go pro his first year.

Ottawasens's comments: For a long time Bouchard was ranked higher than Boqvist but if you really look into what detroit needs its not just a solid defensive defenseman, it is the 2-way slick defensemen in Adam Boqvist. i really think people are just thinking of the size for this pick. Bouchard at 6'2 and Boqvist at 5'11. Boqvist is the next best thing defense wise after Dahlin.

Ottawasens's comments: After the Erik Gubranson trade was a bust they need someone like Bouchard, a defensive defenseman who can run the power play and be efficient in all 3 zones. could you think of Bouchard and Joulevi controlling the power play for these guys??

Ottawasens's comments: I believe Quinn Hughes would be the perfect fit for Chicago, kid's great on and off the ice and can make you gaze when he has the puck.

Ottawasens's comments: If the rangers are going for size and strength on they're blue line i believe they'll gp for dobson not to mention he's been ranked higher this whole year and the kid knows exactly what he's doing when he doesn't have the puck on his stick.

Ottawasens's comments: Here again i think edmonton is just gonna go for the best guy for defense here, Dobson would have a great fit in edometon but if not ty smith still put up great numbers and had an all around gret year with spokane.

Ottawasens's comments: arguably the best center in the draft, big boy with a hard shot and effective on the power play.

Ottawasens's comments: This kid is flashing, potential steal for the wild here if they get Lundestrom

Ottawasens's comments: Potentially a huge steal for montreal.

Ottawasens's comments: potential steal

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