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Last Updated: 01-04-2019

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Piggy48's comments: The cardinals need to trade down here, but if they can’t, bosa is the clear choice

Piggy48's comments: San Francisco would ideally trade up, but williams would still impact the defense significantly

Piggy48's comments: Allen is no bosa, but he is an impactful player who can help this struggling team

Piggy48's comments: Oliver would be a monster in the middle of the defense for oakland

Piggy48's comments: Tampa’s secondary was one of the worst in the league last year, and greedy would drastically improve that

Piggy48's comments: New york doesn’t have a franchise qb in eli manning right now, but another clear issue is o line. Williams will help whoever is playing qb for tthe giants next year

Piggy48's comments: Haskins would fill a big hole in jaxonville, but with only one year of expirience, he might not do great in his first year

Piggy48's comments: Ferrell could easily go higher in this draft, and he would be a steal for Detroit

Piggy48's comments: Little can start rebuilding this offensive line to what it used to be and provide some stability for josh allen

Piggy48's comments: Thompson is an impact player for denver, but he could really fluxuate throughout the draft season due to his size

Piggy48's comments: White can be a major building block for Cincinnati and there incoming ccoaching staff

Piggy48's comments: Sweat will help green bay produce more pressure on the opposing qb next season that they were severely lacking last year

Piggy48's comments: I doubt miami will want to keep ryan tanehill due to his contract, and the new coaching staff will want to get a leader for this team. Lock can fill that role

Piggy48's comments: Atlanta got hit with the injury bug hard last season, but bush can help contribute to what is hopefully another playoff campagn for Atlanta

Piggy48's comments: Alex smiths contract wont allow Washington to get out of him any time soon, so i think the best idea is to put weapons Around him

Piggy48's comments: Riverboat ron is back for another season, and an upgrade for the defense will help significantly

Piggy48's comments: Mayfield is a brilliant piece to build around, and joe thomas’ replacment would be great for him

Piggy48's comments: Risner will help minesota in the clear area of weakness they had last lear: o line

Piggy48's comments: Tennessee needs to get younger on the edges, and gary can help what might be another palyoff push next year

Piggy48's comments: Pittsburgh doesn’t have a ton of needs, but another corner will fit well in this defense

Piggy48's comments: Os the eventual sucsessor to lane johnson, edwards is the team building to the future than for next season

Piggy48's comments: Brown and hilton would make a killer reciever duo for luck

Piggy48's comments: Lockett will probably regress next year, and its always a good idea to give Russell Wilson more toys to play with

Piggy48's comments: Allen can help continue the sucsess of this defense next year and beyond

Piggy48's comments: Ever science kahil mack left, oakland has needed andge baldly. Hopefully polite is the guy to fill that role

Piggy48's comments: I don’t think mcgary is fisrt round talent, but the texans need for a stable o line is a great one

Piggy48's comments: Brown should provide some support and a constant high level target for darek carr

Piggy48's comments: An interior defender is just what the chargers need to go from a good defense to a great one

Piggy48's comments: although New England wasn’t particularly bad about rushing the passer, they could definitely use an upgrade

Piggy48's comments: With the franchise tagged lamarcus joyner out next year, abrams can fill that hole

Piggy48's comments: Love can help give a big boost to the kc secondary and help fill the shoes of marcus peters

Piggy48's comments: O line depth is just what the packers need right now