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SlxmJxmmy's comments: Should be obvious. Is arguably the most athletically unique player we have ever seen since LeBron. Can do everything on the court, doesn't have a glaring weakness in his game. NBA Comparison: Charles Barkley

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Very high potential. Can finish well in general, but finishes especially well for a guard. His first step off the dribble is very quick, but my only concern if he will be able to shoot consistently over long-armed defenders. NBA Comparison: Steve Francis

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Great scorer. Has a very competitive mindset. Streaky scoring will be a concern, but it is almost guaranteed that at least 1 level of his scoring will translate in the NBA. Arguably the best midrange shooter in the draft. NBA Comparison: Nuggets J.R. Smith

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Most NBA-ready prospect in the draft. Has a winning pedigree, seeing that he won a National Championship at Virginia this year. Great defensive player, can defend multiple positions. Will be a great 3 and D player ready to contribute as soon as he gets into the NBA. NBA comparison: Trevor Ariza

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Has great physical tools, at 6'6" with a 6'9" wingspan. After flashing three-level scoring all year, he showed a side of weakness not seen before in the National Championship. Shooting has regressed, but has a lot of potential. NBA Comparison: Nicolas Batum

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Great scorer and playmaker. Coby White doesn't have the shooting touch to be worth this pick. Garland's injury concerns are somewhat valid, but I think that out of all the lottery prospects, he has a lower chance to bust than most. Turnover numbers are very alarming, will take a while to develop him into a reliable playmaker night-in and night-out. NBA Comparison: George Hill

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Very good downhill player. Very quick, can finish at the rim. Shooting will be a concern, but the Bulls need a long point guard to contrast relatively short length of the Bulls' young core. NBA Comparison: Jrue Holiday

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Human pogo stick that can help the worst defensive team in the NBA protect the rim. Will develop his offensive game overtime, but as a rookie, will be mainly used as a rim runner and put-back machine from Trae Young or Kevin Huerter misses from the perimeter. NBA Comparison: Myles Turner

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Bol Bol is the most polarizing prospect in the draft. On one hand, you have a skinny bigman who's NBA dad was almost as prone to injuries as he is. Only played a few games in college due to injuries. On the other hand, you have a 7'3" center who can stretch the floor, and finish inside. He will need to get stronger to be able to hold his own in both the offensive and defensive post. NBA Comparison: Manute Bol with a jumper. NBA Comparison: Brook Lopez

SlxmJxmmy's comments: This pick is for potential. Everyone is very high on Cam Reddish, but I am a little bit skeptical. His efficiency speaks volumes, as someone who's game isn't nearly as mature as a top-5 pick should be. With that said, if he can learn how to use his length to score efficiently, there is no telling where this kid could go. NBA Comparison: Gordon Hayward

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Hachimura is able to do one thing very well; score. Now, some people are calling BS on that ability. If that is the case, then... ok. But in my opinion, that isn't very likely to happen. He has the kind of athleticism that tends to translate to the NBA. If he can tap into his defensive potential against NBA level competition, he could become a unique 2 way player. Plus, there are rumors that the Wolves made a draft promise to Hachimura.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: This is a perfect pick for a team with no direction. The Hornets might want someone to help convince Kemba Walker to stay, but at this pick, there isn't any potential for a Zion Williamson-Anthony Davis situation. So the Hornets need to make this pick to show that if Kemba does leave, they can start over with a promising, young forward. If Kemba stays, then Doumbouya's potential will have GM's drooling to trade for a starting-caliber role player to help the team win right away.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: This adds bounce to an already bouncy backcourt. With Udonis Haslem growing older, and the only other reliable option at power forward being James Johnson, this solves a glaring hole with the team, while adding scoring to a team that was 26th in Points Per Game. Very agile, moves like a guard. That agility will help when switching onto smaller defenders.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: There isn't much to say about this pick, the Celtics just need to look for someone who can contribute right away. Washington could become a great inside-outside player. A low-maintenance player who is a perfect back-end lottery prospect.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Detroit, by definition and by performance, are the most mediocre team in the NBA. Porter is a big time scorer who could really bring bench scoring, and would get bench keys if they decide to start Luke Kennard. If not, then that scoring duo will be interesting to watch develop. His production was questioned at times, but the potential to become a great scorer off the dribble is clear.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: The Magic are just looking for best available. It will be surprising if Langford drops this far, but it could happen if teams can't ignore his disappointing season at Indiana. But he can create shots, and drive to the rim, using his quickness to his advantage.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Kabengele passes the eye test. Big, strong big man with outside shooting ability, as well as rim-running ability. I think he has the best chance out of anyone outside the lottery to become a double-double averager. NBA Comparison: Guerschon Yabusele

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Concerns about Johnson's mentality and non-elite skillset are valid, but the Pacers will bank on the hope that he will be able to translate both his two-level scoring and perimeter defense into the NBA.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: After averaging great numbers in the Euroleague, Bitadze looks like a big who can do a little bit of everything. Has shown improving shooting touch, post moves, and rim finisher. The only concern is how he will be able to defend quicker bigs and guards on the perimeter on switches.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: This pick should be subconsciously obvious for the Celtics. Williams is arguably the smartest player in the draft, which makes up for his lack of size. While his scoring at the combine was lacking, I don't think that we should take away too much from that performance. A player with great instincts and feel for the game like Grant Williams will fit perfectly in a Brad Stevens-ran system.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: It's simple; Matisse Thybulle is the best perimeter defender in this draft. The Thunder select him hoping he can be Andre Roberson with a jumper, and more offensive versatility in general. Only 35 players since 1992-93 in college have averaged more steals than Thybulle, regardless of conference or competition.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Very good physical profile. He is also very young. He didn't excel at anything during college, but he showed flashes of many skills. The main thing that comes to my mind were his flashes of catch and shoot opportunities. With his big body combined with his quickness, he could be a reliable option in a pick and pop scenario, both as the screen-setter and the ball handler.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: The Jazz add shooting to come off the bench. His fundamentals are already very sound, and that will only help with the mentorship of Kyle Korver, one of the greatest catch and shooters of the 2010s. Will find his living as a scoring guard in the NBA.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: After a strong showing at the combine, Samanic will draw first round looks from many NBA teams. The Sixers are accustomed to taking on young, long players with potential. Expect Samanic to take a few years to develop. He had flashes of two to three-level scoring during the combine.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Won't be a star in the NBA. The Blazers should be focused on adding as much as they can around Lillard and McCollum, and Johnson could help contribute right away with his spot-up shooting.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: The Cavaliers have positional need across the board. With this pick, they are taking in the biggest faller of the draft, after Little got top 5 looks at the beginning of the year. The eye test is good on Little, with length that he knows how to use on defense, but a limited offensive game. Don't be surprised if he turns into something, but don't be surprised if he doesn't end up being anything near what you expect.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Schofield passes the eye test with flying colors. At 6'5", 240, he showed flashes of being able to bully weaker defenders, but his main calling will be a somewhat veteran presence off the bench and a microwave-like 3 point shooting ability.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Jerome showed a winning pedigree that the Warriors are accustomed to. They are also used to developing undersized guards with scoring ability. No, I'm not comparing Jerome with Steph. I'm just saying that he could become a reliable scorer with the right tutelage.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: After a very good combine, Claxton's defensive versatility is the kind of thing that Coach Pop loves to operate with. He needs to develop a go-to skill on offense. NBA Comparison: Kevon Looney

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Much like they did with Giannis, the Bucks will take in Fernando as a project. With great size at 6'10" with a 9'2" standing reach, his defensive potential is eye-popping. Whether any of his skill will translate to the NBA is questionable.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Alexander-Walker regressed throughout the year, and it doesn't help that he doesn't have a bankable skill. Frankly, I think Alexander-Walker and Nassir Little are the most overrated prospect in this draft.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Windler knows how to use his length to score. But his decision to skip the combine confused the hell out of me, considering I was one of the only people who ever had him as a first-round selection. But he did shoot 43% from three in college.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Charles Bassey is great at everything inside, and scary bad at everything outside. The only problem with putting him in an NBA game is his lack of spacing, he might clog up lanes. But with that said, he is a big bodied post scorer with a wide array of post moves.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Ponds' career will hinder on whether his playmaking develops. He's drawing 2nd round looks, because this year at St.John's, he had his career high in assists, and it was mostly attributed to the fact that other teams knew him as a shoot-first point guard. If he can become a two-way guard, he could really become something in this league.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: I had Gafford as a first-round talent last year, and I still think he is. But I'm making this mock draft with a combination of what I think teams should do, and what I actually think they will do. And I don't think that any team will want to spend their first rounder on a rim-protecting, rim-running center who will struggle to find a player comparison in the 2010's. He is an old school big, but for the Hawks, having a backup bigman for the future will be an unexpected gift for them. Dewayne Dedmon has made a living off of being a backup center, and I think that he can help Gafford translate his skills into the NBA. I think if Gafford reaches his full potential, he will become one of the most underrated players of the 2020's. If that makes sense. NBA comparison: Dewayne Dedmon

SlxmJxmmy's comments: It can be easy to overlook Jalen. His brother, Jaden McDaniels, is a top-10, possibly top-5 recruit in the 2019 recruiting class. But if Jaden's potential is any sign, then Jalen must have a good amount of potential in him. A forward with length is always appealing, but he doesn't have an elite skill.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Roby's defensive game and offensive game are hit or miss. His ceiling is a top 5 defender from this class, and his floor is that none of his skills at all will translate. With a developing offensive game, Roby is a relatively safe pick for the second round.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: A top 15 recruit coming out of high school, Bazley pulled a Mitchell Robinson and skipped college, but not to play pro, like R.J. Hampton. And that's what teams will hope for; a Mitchell Robinson type outcome. With great size at 6'10", he projects as a versatile defender who won't be a reliable option on offense, but will score a little bit from everywhere on the floor.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: After he scorched teams during the NCAA tournament, teams were drooling over Edwards. Then, they stepped back and gagged at his efficiency numbers. New Orleans picks him, knowing that his efficiency will stop him from becoming a starter, but will bring value off the bench as a microwave scorer.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Davis is an inside-outside scorer, as shown at the combine. But questions raised about his age and defense stop him from becoming a first round selection.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: With shot-making at 6'8", he could get drafted earlier. There isn't necessarily a reason he isn't going higher, just that I see other players with higher ceilings than King.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Projected undrafted, I see Waters' playmaking translating into the NBA. He will never be a big-time scorer, but look for a smart player who can come off the bench and run an offense.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: After being hyped as a lottery talent, the hype train has slowed down for Okpala. He is a raw, athletic prospect who's offensive ability is hard to gauge.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Reid has enough low post talent to make out a career, but weight concerns are incredibly valid. He had the highest body fat percentage at the combine (14%), and does not project to be even a competent perimeter defender. Teams are afraid and hopeful that he can become a tree-like presence inside, but I'm sure that his defense will be exposed by other teams by making him guard a stretch big on the perimeter.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Bleacher Report had Okeke rounding out the top 15 best prospects this year. Two words; torn ACL. Look what happened to Jabari Parker after an ACL tear. Along with that, Okeke was not as good as Parker was coming out of college, and while Parker tore his ACL during his NBA career, Okeke tore it in college. If he is healthy, he could become a nice defensive asset, but the ACL tear has to be alarming, especially because the tear might make him miss the Summer League.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Another passer of the eye test; a common theme this year. If he can improve his playmaking, he could become a shot-creator for himself and others by being a drive and finish threat, and a drive and kick threat.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Kings will bank on him becoming what Ben McLemore was, and not wasting a first rounder on that kind of player this time around.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: If you ask who the second most hyped player in a draft class is, exactly 0 people would predict that player would be in the bottom half of the second round. Let's not sugarcoat it; Tacko Fall is not very good at basketball. He could be, though. Do you know what he is really good at, though? Being tall. With combine-shattering measurements, Fall stands at a staggering 7'6", and can touch the rim without jumping, with a 10'2" standing reach. Virtually all of his points in college came from dunks, so don't expect him to become any kind of offensive weapon. But at this point, the Clippers should take a flyer before they let a team like San Antonio take them.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: I have no idea why Lecque didn't go to college. That really hurt his stock. The Spurs take him knowing he's a project.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: He'll make it in the NBA off of his mid-range shooting.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: A very unknown prospect, Sirvydis is a raw, long wing who's skill level is very questionable.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: He showed playmaking ability at the shooting guard position at the combine, but goes this low because teams are afraid it was a fluke, as he was not on any draft boards until the combine.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Porter has first-round talent. But he tore his ACL twice in the span of 5 months. And he tore his MCL. And he had surgery on 2 spinal discs. He also seems flat-footed on defense, but if he stays healthy, which is unlikely in my opinion, he'll have the ability to become a go-to post scorer.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: A matchup nightmare at times, Paschall is old, and should be seen as a veteran presence off the bench. Paschall could go much earlier, but questions about his limited offensive and defensive potential due to his lack of mobility might hold his stock back.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: A competent defender, without any offensive game.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: After shooting well at the combine, he will get looks.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Guy, who hit 3 of the clutchest free throws in college basketball history, is a smart offensive player with a good jumpshot. Concerns about his defense and playmaking arise, with playmaking being of special concern due to the fact that he is only 6'0".

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Young forward with pick-and-pop potential.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: Some are very high on Bradzeikis, but I am not. I don't think his scoring will translate into the NBA.

SlxmJxmmy's comments: I don't see Vick on any boards, but I think he has a lot of potential as a go-to bench scorer. I honestly think his absolute ceiling is Lou Williams. But questions about his coachability and work ethic arise, but after showing scoring flashes at Kansas, I think his shot will translate to the NBA.