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Scouting Reports

  • Jonnu Smith

    "Smith missed some time during his senior year after being scalded by his now-former girlfriend during an argument in a dorm room. Smith still has probable potential of making the big leagues. Any team who is desperate for a tight end sure could use this guy. "

  • Zach Banner

    "Very tall and heavy. Blocks very well to help run and pass games, but if beaten out, danger is sure to approach. "

  • Jonah Pirsig

    "Has a pretty tall height, making blocking fairly good enough to support both the pass and run. "

  • Dan Skipper

    "Fairly a giant for offensive blocking. Sure could come in handy during third and fourth down situations. "

  • Conor McDermott

    "Tall height makes blocking almost flawless. Can take advantage during third and fourth down situations. "

  • John Taylor

    "Massive body frame works better in the run game. Capable enough to burst through underweight linemen mostly. "

  • Malik McDowell

    "McDowell may be the first defensive tackle to be off the board in this year's draft. He had 4.5 sacks in the NCAA playoffs recently. He has comparisons to Mario Williams, Ezekiel Ansah, Arik Armstead, and DeForest Buckner. McDowell can be quite an infiltrator to stuff the run and rush the pass respectively. "

  • Mike Williams

    "Williams is one of the elite receivers that could go first off the board. He attended the same college Sammy Watkins did, and he could be just as explosive...if he can stay healthy. "

  • DeShone Kizer

    "Kizer can not only pass, he can also run. His mobility can be just as good as Michael Vick, but some flaws include intentional sacks and quick throw-aways if pressured too quick in close combat. Kizer just might be a first round pick, if any team really needs a QB who is really mobile. "

  • Taco Charlton

    "Charlton has been a backup for his first three years, but easily converted to a starter as a senior. He had a stellar senior year, and could be quite a Taco Bell ringer if any team desperate for a DE picks him up. "

  • T.J. Watt

    "The youngest of the Watt clan has all sorts of potential to make the big leagues. Just about any team would take him, if they really need a good linebacker. If this kind of Watt can really produce as good as the one on the Texans, he might play in some Pro Bowls. "

  • Pat Mahomes

    "The son of a former baseball pitcher can throw some fastballs, if any team really needs a good quarterback. The Texans, Jets, and Cardinals are possible landing spots. "

  • Forrest Lamp

    "Lamp is an average-sized lineman who is capable of playing both guard and tackle respectively. He can hold off linebackers and secondary very well, but heavy interior linemen can be challenging. He will have to turn on some lamps to brighten the dark. "

  • Nico Siragusa

    "His surname has no relation to Tony Siragusa, but he is just as heavy. His weight can hold off opposing linemen very well, but speedy foes can be a bit challenging. "

  • Davis Webb

    "He made a good successor after Jared Goff, but how will the big leagues fare for this guy? He just might make a good backup. "

  • David Sharpe

    "Tall and heavy. Any blocking frontal is nearly flawless. Angle blocks and fast opponents may experience some flaws. "

  • Corn Elder

    "If no team ever drafted this guy, he would act farm-famished. Height is a little under-sized, but weight is just right, and can make plays close to the boundary line pretty well. "

  • Jake Elliott

    "A placekicker is usually selected late in the draft, or perhaps goes undrafted. Elliot may be under-sized, but he just might make the NFL, as long as he makes the kick accurately. "

  • Austin Rehkow

    "His height and weight are fairingly good. If his leg is strong enough, he could kick a sweet potato right into the seats from the endzone. "

  • Kyle Fuller

    "Fairly a good size for a center. 4-3 schemes could give a hard time. Better go easy on the fluids, or you'll wet the bed. "

  • Tyus Bowser

    "He may be a good edge rusher going late in the draft. Spikes, shells, and fire are the ingredients to be pure evil at this level. "

  • Jake Butt

    "Yeah, it's going to be a pain in the butt all right. Jake Butt has the ability to block and go downfield whenever the opportunity arises. Can he be a good block-and-catch type of TE? "

  • Weston Steelhammer

    "Not that many players are able to make it to the big leagues when attending any education fields related to the military. Steelhammer would make a great use for crucial third and fourth down situations. "

  • Lowell Lotulelei

    "He is the younger brother of Starr Lotulelei. He is quite a versatile run-stuffer. Can play in 3-4 and 4-3 type schemes with no problem at all. "

  • Vernon Gholston

    "Gholston had high hopes for the NFL, but never had a sack in his big-league career. He only lasted four years in the NFL, and it considered to be one of the biggest busts among any defensive player selected early in the first round. "

  • Joe McKnight

    "McKnight was nearly expelled during his senior year at high school after writing death threats against a teacher. The incident could have derailed his dreams of playing football, but he's surely lucky to be given a second chance. He spent two seasons on the Jets' practice squad until his dreams were finally washed away. "

  • Robert T. Griffin

    "No, no, no. He's nothing related to Robert Griffin III. But a heavier type of Griffin sure can block well in the big league level. "

  • Brandon Flowers

    "He's nothing related to the singer in the rock band, The Killers. But he still is a Mr. Brightside type of CB. "

  • Tracy Porter

    "One play that made his career was an interception in Super Bowl XLIV, which paved the way to help the Saints win their first Super Bowl in franchise history. He had average hopes, and played for different teams. "

  • James White

    "His efforts in Super Bowl LI helped the Patriots come back from a 25-point deficit, eventually forcing overtime, and delivering the final blow to win it. His efforts can be promising for the future. "

  • D'Brickashaw Ferguson

    "A 3-time All-Star selection, Ferguson played his entire 10-season career with the Jets. He helped the team to 2 AFC Championships, but lost both of them. Ferguson was promising in every way to the Jets offensive line. "