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Last Updated: 09-01-2018

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12 points out of 180 overall

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ballislife's comments: With Swords, Bone, Harris, and Hamby I believe the Aces go with a shooting guard. Young is a nice fit but she is not as much of a threat from the perimeter as Samuelson. Samuelson is in a similar position to Coffey but her outside shooting capabilities better compliment McBride. This will give the Aces another weapon from the outside. And her height on the perimeter will make up not taking a big with this pick.

ballislife's comments: This is a no brainer. Kia Vaughn will be a great mentor for this player. I think she will come off the bench initially but give it time and she'll have that spot locked up for years to come. You can't teach 6'7 with a desire to rebound and defend. My biggest concern is will Tina be able to play when another big clogging the paint. The answer is, she'll have to adjust. Another great personality to help build a fading New York Liberty brand.

ballislife's comments: This is exactly what Indiana needs. Don't think they'll be instant contenders but Brown will help slow some of the growing pains. Let's get Vivians back to the 3. The Fever will be able to focus on getting out into transition because they will have a great rim protector and rebounder to secure the ball.

ballislife's comments: This pick could bunch of ways. I think the Sky could draft over Harper in place of Faulkner. This could potentially be a complicated pick. Will Durr get significant playing time behind a veteran back court? They'll have to make room because she is a fast learner and it will be hard to have someone with the much fire on the bench.

ballislife's comments: If this happens, which i don't believe it will, the Dallas Wings prayers will be answered. They need a back up point guard so badly. Thought they had something with Chong but once they let her go that position fell a part. The youngin learning under Diggins will be interesting. Sabrina is feisty and will definitely not get passed up like the other back up points guards. I can go on and on about her abilities. She'll be a lottery pick next year if she holds out and remain injury free.

ballislife's comments: The Lynx are in desperate need of an athletic 4. If Brunson returns, Turner will essentially give the Lynx a little of what Howard did before she was traded. This is a great look for them. Turner has a promising future. And can blossom into that position while learning from the most experience active player in the W.

ballislife's comments: Sparks need a Huskie. There's only two teams in the league without a UCONN alum. Back ups to Parker/Nneka are not very strong past Lavender. With Collier's outside shooting abilities and nose for the ball she will be perfect off of the bench. She is very similar in demeanor to Nneka. Another quite assassin for the books.

ballislife's comments: If Sabrina doesn't declare I think Arike goes to the Wings. Skylar and her already have a working relationship. Should be a great match. However, this is also a great look for the Mercury. Arike has that Taurasi fire. She is one of the best collegiate finishers. Learning under Taurasi will be Phoenix's second chance. They'll hold on to Arike because they cannot afford to have another "Courtney Williams" scenario on their hands.

ballislife's comments: Trade Alert possibly. Connecticut is stacked and has a great core. The athletic capabilities of Robinson make her hard to pass up.

ballislife's comments: I don't know what Mike has up his sleeve for this year, but let me tell you, this definitely would not surprise me. I completely trust his pick, whomever it maybe. Atkins was the sleeper last year. Definitely feel like Cunningham is another fine role player for the Mystics. Finally with her knee injury in the rear I think Cunningham has momentum on her side. She has the grit of a Mystics player. She'll fit great in their system.

ballislife's comments: Let's stack up at this position. With Mccoughtry injured I think this is a smart choice for Atlanta.

ballislife's comments: Not much to say about this one.

ballislife's comments: Phoenix meet another Gritty player. The mercury will be the team to watch with the Irish pair heading to Phoenix. She'll provide another big point guard back up. She has the shooting capabilities of Mitchell but the size is unmatched at her position. She is selfless however when it's her time to shine she is as bright as they come.

ballislife's comments: Let's add some more shooting power to an already loaded squad. I think Laksa fits a lot of places. She can get hot fast.