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MY MOCK DRAFTS - barongoalie's 2018 NHL DRAFT

Last Updated: 06-21-2018

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1st Round: 34/155 points

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34 points out of 1085 overall

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barongoalie's comments: No Brainer here, Dahlin goes to the Sabres.

barongoalie's comments: The Hurricanes get what they have been needing for YEARS. A big scoring winger. The Canes could really build around Svechnikov. All he does is score goals.

barongoalie's comments: Montreal seriously considers taking the French Canadian right handed defender here. But opt to go with the better overall player in Zadina.

barongoalie's comments: With Karlsson likely headed out of town, the Senators pick up an offensive defenceman that they hope they can rebuild their franchise around.

barongoalie's comments: This is not the type of player the Coyotes normally select, and I would like to say that they does the norm here and pick a skilled guy. But I think they pounce on Tkachuk with this selection.

barongoalie's comments: The Red Wings Jump at the chance to take big right handed d-man. Dobson could be a big time steal of a pick.

barongoalie's comments: Vancouver go into the draft hoping one of the big forwards of the draft slides to their selection at Number 7. They are happy to see that Wahlstrom is still available, and they make him a Canuck

barongoalie's comments: The Blackhawks go after the most skilled player available. Enter: Hughes

barongoalie's comments: The Rangers have had some luck drafting skilled European players of late. And dip into that pool again to take Kotkaniemi

barongoalie's comments: I don't see how Edmonton can pass on an offensive right handed D here, given what they paid for to get Adam Larsson. They go with Boqvist.

barongoalie's comments: Islanders take no chances with back to back picks. With their first, they go with the skilled Canadian d-man in Ty Smith.

barongoalie's comments: The second in a good centre option with Joe Veleno. Isle fans would be very happy with these two.

barongoalie's comments: European centre with some significant upside. The Stars go with the Finn.

barongoalie's comments: Underated defenceman in the draft? Count the Flyers as interested.

barongoalie's comments: Florida love to go off the board. They need some defence in the system, and go with a skilled one.

barongoalie's comments: The Avalanche have not picked a CHL player in the first round in 3 drafts. They continue that trend here with Farabee.

barongoalie's comments: The Devils seem to have the forward situation under control for now. They decide to shore up the blueline with a safe defender pick.

barongoalie's comments: Columbus go with a Swedish forward who fits well in their organization. Talented player with a lot of room to grow.

barongoalie's comments: Right Handed Centre who can put up points.

barongoalie's comments: Kaut simply put has the highest potential upside of the remaining players in the draft, and LA need offence. Kaut could go much higher in this draft. This is a bit of a sleeper pick.

barongoalie's comments: I don't have Hayton going as high as many drafts predict. I think he'll slide to a playoff team here as a depth centre type of project player.

barongoalie's comments: What's that? Pick a forward? K. And by K, I of course mean no. 1 more big defender please!

barongoalie's comments: German player with some playmaking ability.

barongoalie's comments: Prototypical large left handed D-man. There are not many like this coming up in the NHL.

barongoalie's comments: Leafs pick a Greyhound? Highly likely.

barongoalie's comments: Another big left handed D-man/ He sounds Swedish, but guess what? Amurican.

barongoalie's comments: Coolest name in the draft by far. He slides due to an injury plagued season, and a slow end to the year.

barongoalie's comments: Honestly, a team could love this guy and take him in the top 15. I just don't see it happening.