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Last Updated: 10-16-2020

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brock16's comments: Is Sam Darnold the Jets problem? In my opinion no. He has one of the worst offensive lines, running back situations, and receiving cores around him, and the worst head coach in the league to boot. But we've seen Darnold make some bad plays over the years and Trevor Lawrence is a special quarterback that only comes around every-so-often.

brock16's comments: The Giants tried to address the line in last year's draft, using 3 picks on lineman including the fourth overall. Daniel Jones still rarely gets time in the pocket though. Sewell is an incredible talent, and at just 20-years-old he can come in and immediately protect Jones's blindside, and paired with Andrew Thomas, could give Jones time and Saquon room on runs.

brock16's comments: With Matt Ryan under contract for 3 more seasons, drafting his predecessor may be out of the picture. Atlanta's defense has been one of the worst in the league, and adding some edge rush could help boost it up.

brock16's comments: The Dolphins got Tua last year and have two pretty high first round picks where they can look for best available. Micah Parsons is a stud on defense and he also falls in line with a team need.

brock16's comments: This pick ultimately comes down to does John Elway and company want to give Drew Lock another year. I say they try their luck with him, but this time try not to get him hit so much.

brock16's comments: One of the things that made Jacksonville so good a few years ago was the Ramsey/Bouye cornerback duo. With that gone they try to bring the same magic back with a Henderson/Surtain duo.

brock16's comments: Washington could look elsewhere and give Dwayne Haskins another shot, but Fields is just too talented a player for them to look past him.

brock16's comments: Basically every receiver contract for the Lions ends after this season, and they probably won't resign them all. Chase is easily the best receiver in the draft, and assuming they resign Kenny Golladay, this duo could be deadly.

brock16's comments: The Vikings have been looking for line help for years, and they're still searching for a little more. Wyatt Davis is dominant inside on both the run and the pass and could really help this unit become a solid one.

brock16's comments: The Chargers have to protect Justin Herbert. The right side of the line is solid, but the rest could definitely use some work. Despite his name, Little is anything but, standing at 6'7

brock16's comments: Devonta Smith was one of Tua's favorite targets at Alabama... he's the one that made the game winning catch against UGA in the national championship a few years back when Tua made his first splash. These two hooked up many more times after that, and could pick up where they left off in Miami.

brock16's comments: No doubt protecting Joe Burrow will be on the Bengals minds, but Pitts is a game changer at the tight end position and they may have to jump on that opportunity.

brock16's comments: The Dallas defense has been a mess so far this season and could use help most places. With a couple contracts running out after this season at CB, they turn to the newest Ohio State standout to turn the failing unit around.

brock16's comments: The Cardinals have a huge need on the interior d-line. They go ahead and grab Marvin Wilson to be an anchor in the middle and provide interior pass rush.

brock16's comments: Carolina spent big money on Teddy Bridgewater last off-season, and he'll still have 2 years left on his deal. However, Trey Lance is young (will still be 20 when drafted) and could sit for a year before taking over. If Lance gets to Carolina, it would make too much sense to make him the QB of the future.

brock16's comments: The Pats have loved using tight ends in the past, specifically Gronk. People have gone as far as to call Freiermuth

brock16's comments: San Francisco has had their struggles at corner, especially with Richard Sherman out. Sherman's contract is up at the end of the year and who knows if they will bring him back. Farley, much like Sherman, is a big, physical corner who started his college career at receiver. Really the only knock on Farley is a few health concerns.

brock16's comments: Gruden and Mayock have put together a decent team over the past couple years, but they could still use a few more players to put them at the next level. Linebacker is one of those positions is an athletic freak who can make tackles sideline to sideline.

brock16's comments: Drew Brees hasn't been playing like he normally does this year. Next year, he'll be 42 years old and in the last year of his contract. Whether or not Jameis Winston will resign, or if he's even in their longterm plans remains to be seen. So why not grab Trask who has been impressive since he's gotten a chance to take the field, and groom him for a year under one of the best to ever do it.

brock16's comments: As much as Chicago would like a quarterback, they currently don't have the pick to grab one here in the first round. Allen Robinson might be on the move in the off-season, so replacing him is a must. Bateman is a similar player who goes up and gets balls with ease.

brock16's comments: The Browns could certainly use more help in the middle of the defense and Twyman could be of help against both the run and pass. He's strong enough that single blocks don't usually move him out of the hole and he put up 10.5 sacks last season. To put that in perspective, Aaron Donald's high at Pitt was 11.

brock16's comments: The Colts are struggling to get much out of their receivers this season and could use a new target. Waddle is incredibly explosive and shows nice hands.

brock16's comments: James Robinson has stepped up at running back this year, and the receiving core isn't bad either, so the best way to go would be a blindside blocker to protect Minshew. Cosmi plays mean and if he can add some muscle to his big frame, he could be a very good tackle for years to come.

brock16's comments: His father was a successful corner for the Eagles, and with Philly looking for more defensive back help they look no further than Asante Samuel Jr.

brock16's comments: The Bucs probably won't resign Leonard Fournette, but they can grab Etienne here instead. Etienne can take it all the way anytime the ball is in his hands, and he's not a bad receiver either.

brock16's comments: St. Brown is physical, athletic, has great hands, and runs crisp routes. He gets open a lot and would compliment Marquise Brown's speed very well.

brock16's comments: Hutchinson is a versatile and high-motor rusher who would fit in at rushing OLB or DE in Mike Vrabel's 3-4 defense.

brock16's comments: Pittsburgh doesn't have a lot of money to resign people at the end of this year, and interior d-line is one place where a few contracts are up. Barmore is strong and plays with good pad level. He also provides good pass rush at times.

brock16's comments: Tre White is a lockdown CB1, but after that they could use some work. Carter is very sticky in coverage and quick. He could be put on the outside or slot and shadow a man all game.

brock16's comments: Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah is a swiss army knife on defense, and is especially good in coverage. Green Bay has a glaring weakness at linebacker and this pick could help that out.

brock16's comments: Now that the Jets have their new franchise quarterback, they need basically everything else. They would save a ton of money by opting out of Le'veon Bell's contract after the season, so they will probably do that and look for a running back a little later. There is only a select few positions that don't need replaced so where do you start? Well adding some pass rush never hurt.

brock16's comments: The Chiefs won the Super Bowl last year and look like they might do it again. A pass rusher opposite Frank Clark would make them even better.