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MY MOCK DRAFTS - dacodster's 2020 NHL DRAFT

Last Updated: 09-21-2020

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dacodster's comments: No brainer here, clear cut #1 guy in the draft. Drafting him will allow the Rags to move a winger for cap space and/or defensive help.

dacodster's comments: Tough call here, initially had Byfield due to jis size, but I think Stutzle is the better pick. His skill and versatility will be a huge help for the Kings going forward as either a centre or winger.

dacodster's comments: The thing Ottawa lacks most is a clear #1 centre, and Byfield has all the tools to become a great one. Much in the mould of a Kopitar/Barkov type, excellent playmaker who mhas a great 200 foot game

dacodster's comments: Went back and forth on a few picks here since the Wings likely control the draft at this point. Could see them select Raymond, Drysdale, or reach for a Rossi, but ultimately I see them taking Perfetti. He is highly skilled and can play either left wing or centre. Ideally the Wings would like to have a 1-2 punch with him and Larkin. If he translates to a centre in the NHL, great pick for them.

dacodster's comments: Ottawa can make out like gangbusters if they can get Byfield and Drysdale in the top 5. He could one day be a excellent top pairing guy with Chabot, as a Duncan Keith type defender. All of a sudden Ottawa's futre D -core looks formidable.

dacodster's comments: Could see Sanderson go here, but Raymond is best player available imo so I have him going to cali. Looks like he is NHL ready now, a lot of potential to be a playmaking winger.

dacodster's comments: New Jersey needs defensive help badly, Sanderson is best available here. Looks to be a Josh Morrisey type, only questions are: Is he a top pair player, or second pair player? Will there be more offense to his game? Seems to be a safe pick though.

dacodster's comments: More scoring for the Sabres is needed, Eichel needs more support up front, and Holtz can really provide that. Likely the best goal scorer of the draft, another weapon for Eichel to use.

dacodster's comments: At first I had them take Lundell here, as it would have been a very Minnesota type pick. However, I'm noticing that the Wild are trending in a different direction, and Rossi would be a great start to it. The highly skilled and flashy centre could be a bonafide #1 one day, and the excitement he can bring will help them go in a new direction.

dacodster's comments: Yes this is a reach, but there is a method. Can 100% see the Jets trade back to select Schneider, can see them selecting him here, or getting a Quinn or Lundell, thus allowing them to trade for a second line centre. Regardless, the Jets need more dmen, Schneider is a solid right hander who plays in Manitoba, fit makes sense here.

dacodster's comments: Nashville need a centre to be a #1 one day, and Lundell is best available here. The big question is if he will be a #1 one day or just a second line centre. He plays a great two-way game mcuh like a Miko Koivu, and can anchor a line.

dacodster's comments: Yeah Florida needs better defense, Guhle is a solid puck moving Dman who could eventually be a solid blueliner for the Panthers, who have a bit of a misadventure back there.

dacodster's comments: Originally had Quinn here, but honestly what they need is a future #1 goalie, so Askarov makes sense for the Canes.

dacodster's comments: If Quinn lives up to his junior goal scoring the Oil will have a great top 6 winger they need. It's probbaly their biggest need in al honesty, can't have McDavid, Draisital carrying everything.

dacodster's comments: Dmen are set to be reached in this draft, and Toronto might be one who will. Barron is a stay at home defender who is smart and responsible. However he does not project to be much of an offensive threat at the blueline.

dacodster's comments: Surprising season for the Habs, as they have a solid looking crop of centres now, might as well add wingers for them to use. Dawson projects to be a goal-scoring RW, possibly a perennial 30 goal man.

dacodster's comments: While they had an impressive playoff victory over Edmonton, Chicago clearly need a lot more help on defence, as they are aging and don't have a lot in the cupboard. Wallinder is best here so I see a fit. Looks to be a mobile Dman who can distribute the puck.

dacodster's comments: NJ may already have some centre, but Holloway could either be a solid 3rd line option, or be a very good top 6 LW.

dacodster's comments: My bias shows a little here, but this is who I want the Flames to take here. They are starved for right handed shots, and Jarvis, to me at least, looks like he can be a real good spark of offense that could either be a centre or winger. Highly skilled, may become a lot better than many peg him to be.

dacodster's comments: NJ could have one hell of a draft if all their first rounders pan out. Gunler looks to be a solid goal scorer, might be a guy Hughes/Hischier could really use on their wing.

dacodster's comments: Lapierre is a CBJ player through and through. Excellent two-way game and his a hard player to be against. Perfectly fits Torts' style. Could see a team take him higher though.

dacodster's comments: It's rare for the Rags to take two CHL players in a first round, but why not this year? Bourque has a lot of potential to be an impact centre in the NHL who can do a bit of everything. Has a high ceiling, wouldn't be surprised to see someone take him higher.

dacodster's comments: Not many flaws for Phili, but the goals drying up in the playoffs should be a concern, so Perreault fits in here. Either as a centre or winger, he scores clutch goals, plays with intesnity, which Phili will covet

dacodster's comments: biggest issue for the Avs is the need for at rue #1 goalie, as I'm not really convinced by their tandem. Could see them trade this pick for that, however if not, I can see them selecting Reichel who could be a solid winger one day.

dacodster's comments: Caps lacked intensity and care during these playoffs, Grieg is high motor player who can create energy for his team, while also chipping in offensively. Will he be a career 3rd liner, or is there enough for him to be a top 6 player?

dacodster's comments: A trio of Germans in the first round! History made here, Peterka projects to be a top 6 goal scorer if he develops, might be helpful with a uncertain futre for Tarasenko after a few surgeries.

dacodster's comments: Grans certainly fits an Anaheim mould for defense. Big player who could be a steady defender one day.

dacodster's comments: Like NJ, if Ottaw hits with all 3 first round picks, watch out! Amirov may need to get a little edgier for the NA game, but his offesnsive insticts could still translate over here as a middle six player.

dacodster's comments: Vegas has a great team with few flaws, but I think they could use more defensive prospects. O'Rourke projects to be a TJ Brodie type. Solid, not spectacular, but does a lot of things quietly right.

dacodster's comments: A great season for Dallas, they could add a potential steal here with Foerster. If he reaches his potential he could be premier scorer in the NHL, Dallas could always use that.

dacodster's comments: Zary drops here, but with his skating being sub par it makes sense. However his a player who can do a bit of everything, with an aging core in San Jose, they'll take him.