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Last Updated: 04-19-2018

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T80out of 235 mocks (67% Overall)

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1st Round: 31/150 points
2nd Round: 12/150 points

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43 points out of 300 overall

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dirty_vec's comments: The suns have not made the playoffs since 2010 in large part due to their poor post play. They have stuck out with Alex Len, Dragan Bender, and Marquese Chriss in the past few drafts and cannot afford to screw up this pick. Luckily they pick #1 and will pick the best player in the draft, DeAndre Ayton, to help with their post play on offense and defense.

dirty_vec's comments: Assuming Tyreke Evans signs somewhere else in the offseason, this would be the move for Memphis. Doncic provides the outside shooting the Memphis struggled with last year and adds another ball handler to take the pressure off of Mike Conley. Doncic is not a frnachise player, but he is a piece to puzzle of getting Memphis back to the postseason.

dirty_vec's comments: Dallas needs a lot of different things in the draft, but they need a big man the most. I think a player like Mo Bamba would better fit the Mavs needs, but they cannot pass on MBIII. Bagley could be the perfect transition for Dallas, having Dirk pass the torch to the up-and-coming post player.

dirty_vec's comments: Atlanta struck gold with their sleep pick John Collins, but they still need a strong presence in the post. Bamba is a premier shot blocker and his ceiling is too high for the Hawks to pass on.

dirty_vec's comments: Assuming Aaron Gordon signs somewhere else in the offseason, the Magic will need a hole to fill at the PF. Jackson would be a good fit for the Magic, adding a shot-blocker with stretch range. If Jonathan Isaac picks it up next season, the Magic could be on track to make it back to the postseason.

dirty_vec's comments: The Bulls have no good small forwards. Holiday, Valentine, and Zipser are not long term options and I would argue that both Valentine and Holiday work better at the 2 guard than at the 3. If the Bulls were willing to take the risk on MPJ then they would take that chance, but they need to win now. Kevin Knox has the size and athleticism this team needs to get better and make the postseason.

dirty_vec's comments: You know how I said the Bulls would not take the risk on MPJ? Well, the Kings would take that risk. I believe the Kings could be the next team to embrace "the process" by taking the risk on MPJ. Assuming Fox can have a good second season and the team can get the right post player, the Kings could be on the way to ending the NBAs longest active postseason drought.