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  • James Wiseman

    "So far, from the highlights that I've seen from him in HS make me certain that he's a top 5 selection. He has good instincts and long arms which is good for his shot blocking and other defensive abilities which should carry over to the College level nicely. He looks to have a good post game, bodying defenders before going to the hole for nice dunks, and shooting mid range shots from the high post. His only concern would be his shooting release and his ability to hit from long range. If he cannot do that, that's fine, but scouts are looking for a C that can stretch the floor so it would be a good asset for sure. "

  • Anthony Edwards

    "This dude is crazy athletic, using his agility, and ball handling skills before finishing with explosive dunks. Once he gets into the passing lane, and gets a steal on a break away, Edwards can easily finish with a windmill on the other end. His shooting form is great and he can knock down shots from college range. This guy reminds me of Donovan Mitchell, and because he's going to Georgia, he'll get the touches he needs to show us he deserves to go in the top 3. "

  • Cole Anthony

    "Cole Anthony (son of Greg Anthony) is a solid combo guard that as a leader simply makes his team better. Anthony has nice playmaking and passing abilities. He has big shoes to fill with Coby White getting picked by the Bulls in the 2019 draft. I've seen a lot of players come onto UNC and fall on the mock draft projections, so he may fall to a lottery selection to a near playoff team if he can't put up good numbers. "

  • LaMelo Ball

    "Last time I checked, LaMelo is the tallest Ball brother now. Sadly, that incident in China alone could make a team looking for a PG skip over him for another guy, but he went to Spire Academy, and is now playing over in Australia's NBL with RJ Hampton, so he may be able to increase his draft stock over there. He has a skinny frame that hasn't fully developed yet, so though he seems to shoot better than his brother, and make nice passes, but his weaknesses are on the defensive end. Which ever team picks this guy is taking a gamble, for sure. "

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