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T21out of 422 mocks (96% Overall)

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1st Round: 46/155 points
2nd Round: 17/155 points
3rd Round: 10/155 points
4th Round: 5/155 points
5th Round: 4/155 points
6th Round: 7/155 points
7th Round: 5/155 points

Total Points:

94 points out of 1085 overall

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jmaac1's comments: Franchise D-Man

jmaac1's comments: Elite Scorer/Playmaker Best 1on1 Player in the Draft Physical Specimen

jmaac1's comments: Elite Scorer/Gamebreaker Most Dynamic Forward in the Draft Best Pure Goal Scorer in Draft

jmaac1's comments: Prototypical Power Forward Swiss Army Knife Leader Physical Specimen Competitor Grittty

jmaac1's comments: Top Pairing D-Man Explosif Skater Elite Offensive D-man

jmaac1's comments: Top 3 D-man Elite Offensive D-man

jmaac1's comments: Second Best Two-Way Defender in the Draft right behind Dahlin. Winner Leader High Hockey IQ Excellent both offensively and defensively

jmaac1's comments: Top 4 D-Man Powerplay Specialist High Hockey IQ

jmaac1's comments: Natural Goal Scorer Wizard With the Puck Fierce Competitor Top 6 Forward

jmaac1's comments: Top 4 D-Man Big Body Powerful Skater Very Good Offensive D-Man Risk Taker Plays with an Edge

jmaac1's comments: Excellent Playmaker One of the younger players in draft Average Skater Excellent Size High Ceiling Potential boom or Bust Pick

jmaac1's comments: Second Line Center Elite Vision Good Size Leader Excellent Defensive Fierce Competitor Best Center in Draft

jmaac1's comments: One of the best 200 foot players in draft Elite Skater Fearless Top 6 Potential forward Size is an issue

jmaac1's comments: Excellent Vision Good StickHandler Strong Skater Swiss army knife type player where you can play him in all situations potential top 6 at worst top 9 center.

jmaac1's comments: Excellent 2 way Defender. Very good all around skill set no elite traits but very good all around. Top 4 d-man Powerplay Specialist Strong skater

jmaac1's comments: Meat and Potatos type defender Very good defensively Physical D-man Has some offensive tools projects to be a top 4 D-Man

jmaac1's comments: Best Defensive D-man in the Draft Abosolute Monster Physically Leader Winner Great Size and strength Top 4 D-man with potential to be a Top Pair D-man

jmaac1's comments: Biggest Boom or Bust Pick from all Prospect. An absolute offensive Dynamo Elite Skater One of the Best offensive d-man in the draft sky is the limit on offense for him. Questionable Character Has Top Pairing D-Man all over him if he puts himself alltogether

jmaac1's comments: One of the best Skaters in the draft Top 4 D-Man Great Offensive D-Man Excellent Stickhandler Outstanding Hockey Sense. I believe this kid's small stature won't hold him back from falling in this draft.

jmaac1's comments: One of the Dark Horses in this Draft to come out and be one of the 5 best players in the draft. Outstanding offensive Skill set Great Size for a C Strong Skater Top 6 Center Just needs a little time if he where to fall would be one of biggest steals of the draft.

jmaac1's comments: Physical Specimen Outstanding Skater for his size Excellent Vision Excellent Stick Handler Prototypical Power Forward. To me the best power forward in the draft. Potential Darkhorse candidate to be one of the better ones to come out of this draft

jmaac1's comments: Dynamic Forward would place him right behind Sveshnikov and Zadina. Guy is the complete package from a forwards perspective. Excellent Skater Elite Playmaker Capable Scorer High hockey IQ knock here is teams will have to wait a few years until he leaves khl. One of the steals of the draft

jmaac1's comments: Solid C Can plug him anywhere in top 9 Meat and potatoes type center Physical Good vision Defensively aware Winner Leader qualities

jmaac1's comments: One of the best Skaters in Draft Offensive Gamebreaker Excellent Stickhandler Tireless Work Ethic Filthy Shot Elite Offensive potential one of steals of the draft

jmaac1's comments: Solid Two way Defender Top 4 I'd say Physical Specimen Strong Skater Still untapped Potential her Very injury Prone

jmaac1's comments: Offensive Instinct are of the charts Alot of room to grow for him Has very high upside Great shot Excellent Skater Very Gritty Fierce Competitor about 2-3 years from being nhl ready But has top 6 written all over him

jmaac1's comments: One of the most skilled players in the draft Elite Stickhandler Elusive Skater Great Playmaker Top 6 Forward tremendous value at this point would be a steal if he slips out of first round

jmaac1's comments: Bruising Two-way D-man With some untapped offensive potential Physical specimen Solid Skater for his size Excellent Defensively Leader Very Physical Top 4 D-Man with potential

jmaac1's comments: Excellent Size For a center Good offensive Skill Set Excellent Skater Gritty Big and Physical Excellent on draws Second Pairing Center is there for him at the worst a top 9 forward

jmaac1's comments: One of the Safest Picks in the draft Nothing Flashy but Effective very mobile solid offensive instincts Very solid in his own end Top 4 D-man but more of a defensive D-man

jmaac1's comments: Best Puck Handler in the draft Explosive Offensive threat Excellent 1on1 player Has top 6 written all over him

jmaac1's comments: Very Good Skater Excellent defensively for a forward Excellent Playmaker Top 6 winger If he falls this far absolute steal one of the more underated players in the draft

jmaac1's comments: Excellent work ethic Competitor Solid offensive skill set Excellent Skater HAS TOP 6 POTENTIAL AT THE WORST A TOP 9 WINGER WHO YOU CAN PLUG ALL OVER THE LINEUP.

jmaac1's comments: Very Agile Solid Glove Outstanding Reflexes Fiery Competitor Determined Very Atheletic on the smaller side for a prototypical goalie but I don't belive that will hold him back. Needs a few years but has the makings of an excellent goaltender

jmaac1's comments: Excellent Skater Excellent Vision Very mobile does cheat here and there but things that could easily be fixed Top-4 D-man

jmaac1's comments: Big Physical Defender Solid Skater Has Some solid offensive skill Good Iq will fit well in the top 4 pairing

jmaac1's comments: Constantly Attacking in the offensive zone Relentless Competetive strong skater with excellent offensive tools. Potential is there to crack top 6

jmaac1's comments: One of the Smoothest two way D-man in the draft would be a steal if he where to fall this far. Excellent skater Shutdown Defender Big and Physical Very Good first pass Has some untapped offensive potential could be a real steal if he develops that part of his game

jmaac1's comments: Big and Physical Good passer Defensive D-man Good hockey Iq top 9 plug defender, needs to have a mobile partner to excell

jmaac1's comments: On of the Premier Shutdown defenders in draft. Calm and Steady Influence as a defender Solid Skater Physical Specimen one of the best 1on1 defenders if not the best in the draft. Mature beyond his years Physical Nightmare Fantastic value at this point Top 4 defensmen

jmaac1's comments: Steady 3rd line center that plays a very effective checking game Smooth Skater Very good size for the center position Plug type player Responsible defensively strong on the puck

jmaac1's comments: Excellent Skater 3 zone defender Great Size Mobile Hard Shot Plays beyong his years for the position very nice value here with this pick Top 4 potential

jmaac1's comments: Not that Big but an excellent puck moving defensemen with solid skill set good vision deceptive shot Defensively there are some questions but definetey has the makings of a top 4 d-man.

jmaac1's comments: 3rd best power forward in the draft, tremendous value here if he falls this far, Sniper has a deadly shot/quick release Excellent skater for his size plays a gritty game can be used in all situations one of the steals of the draft

jmaac1's comments: Quickness, agility and skating are excellent. Excellent Composure High Hockey IQ Has a hard accurate shot very solid two way defender. Real potential here. one of my favourite under the radar d-man in the draft

jmaac1's comments: Bottom 6 Center who covers alot of ground not particularly great at anything but overall solid player, that uses his speed and forcheck to impact the game. He is strong on the puch which is a big plus is possesion stats. But overall a solid role player who knows his role.

jmaac1's comments: Excellent Playmaker, Very good skater Has some strong tools offensively, is an improving player, has a lot of untapped potential. I believe this kid will get better and better top 6 winger Responsible 2 way player who at the end of the day is an excellent playmaker.

jmaac1's comments: C/F Hybrid can play either at the next level. Elite Playmaker Deceptive shot Tireless work ethic effective 2 way player I project him to be a top 6 center/winger. Like him alot has steal written all over him

jmaac1's comments: Excellent Skater Very Good Puck Handler Boom or bust type prospect/ reminds me a bit of Tj Oshie. Can become that type of scorer if he develops properly about 2- 3years away. but the potential is there for top 6

jmaac1's comments: Another Goalie who does not have prototypical size but makes up for it with great rebound control quick reflexes. Quick Glove and blocker, very athletic but is a competitor and quite composed for his age. Solid Prospect, starter material

jmaac1's comments: Well rounded two way center. High Hockey IQ Good skater very high motor Gritty and determined. tough to knock off the puck. Overall a really solid prospect all around has top 6 potential but can play anywhere in the lineup you plug him into value pick if he drops this far

jmaac1's comments: High Risk Prospect, who plays a very open offensive game for a defensemen. Injury concerns as he never completed a full season in chl. Excellent Skater Very good vision Has a very elite skill set. Another boom or bust prospect and don't forget he's an overager

jmaac1's comments: Really Smooth Skater in every aspect, sometimes it looks effortless with him, his defensive game has improved considerably this year. Has a very hard and accurate shot, his mobility is excellent especially when joins the rush. Excellent Size. Overall plays a simple yet very effective game both offensively and defensively. To me one of the steals of the draft tremendous value at this point

jmaac1's comments: In my opinion one of the best passers in the draft. Elite Vision and Playmaking. Put up insane numbers in the chl. Actually led his team in points and hes a defensemen. Speaks volumes to his offensive capabilities. Excellent Skater as well. Work in progress defensively but his pros far outweigh the cons. Top 4 defensemen. Real solid value here at the end of second round. Master Passer

jmaac1's comments: Physical Specimen Rugged Power Forward Excellent size Good mobility intriguing talent because his diversified skills have seen him play both point and net front presence on the power play effectively…a threat to create every time he’s on the ice.a goal-scoring winger with top-six upside at the NHL level.Steal at this point

jmaac1's comments: NHL size and stength Effective two-way center Excellent vision Good hands Tireless worker McBain has the tools you like to see in a top-line center. But nonetheless I think he will become a very solid Number 2 center. But has massive Potential to become one of the best players in this draft.

jmaac1's comments: Great shot Good passer Hard to play against Good size, I believe he is a better winger than a center, if developed properly can slot nicely in a top 6 role.

jmaac1's comments: Sturdy Goal Scorer with a nasty mean streak. Power Forward. Big and strong body relentless forchecker Lethal snap shot aggressive and competetive. All the tools too be your modern day nhl power forward. Tremendous value at this point

jmaac1's comments: He has the potential to become a good supportive role player, with his skating abilities and good size. He is also quite solid as a two-way player, although he needs to learn to use his size even more.

jmaac1's comments: Compete level Playmaking and on-ice vision Net-front presence Needs to improve skating, has some work to do as far as becoming a complete player. Potential is there, ut hes more a stash type of prospect at this point but with high upside if he develops

jmaac1's comments: NHL Size and Strength Strong Defensive Play. Very good skater for his size. very good hands. Upside is a second line center but for now project to be a third line center who can do a little bit of everything

jmaac1's comments: Swiss Army Knife Type Defensemen who can play in any situation. Good combination of size and speed, very smooth skater who always has his head up. Solid Playmaker. Many teams would regret passing on him. Top 4 defender.

jmaac1's comments: Best Goaltender in the draft in my opinion. Has that prototypical size you want for a franchise goaltender. very agile and quick. Athletic for a big man. Played in men's league this year and more than held his own against the competition. Superb Value at this spot if he falls this far.

jmaac1's comments: Size is the issue with him. But a very solid 200 foot skater. Good setup man, excellent skater. High IQ, Good motor. Responsible defensively can plug him anywhere in the lineup swiss army knife top player

jmaac1's comments: Natural Center, Excellent on draws. has good size for a c. needs time to develop. Responsible defensively. Solid 3rd line center with good intangibles.

jmaac1's comments: One of the most Offensively Gifted players in the draft. Has Blazing Speed and loads of skill to beat you in many ways. Defensive game needs work and his size is whats dropping him on draftboards. nevertheless if he falls to this spot, has the potential to be a top line winger in the nhl if developed correctly and take their time with him. One of the younger players in the draft.

jmaac1's comments: Excellent Size for a goaltender. Project, will need a few years to develop physically. Has a good glove and blocker. Solid reflexes. Has starter potential down the line.

jmaac1's comments: Excellent mobility, no traits that really stand out, solid shot, good passer, reliable defensively, bottom pairing d-man at the next level, penalty kill specialist.

jmaac1's comments: Excellent mobile d-man, small so that would push him back a bit. Good vision and Hockey IQ, has some playmaking abilities. Could be a solid offensive d-man down the line, his defense will make or break his way to get to nhl. Has top 4 potential, but I have him as bottom pair powerplay specialist.

jmaac1's comments: Big Physical Forward, plays with an edge, could be used on the wings as well. He has the makings of well built power forward. Strong on the puck, as well as on the boards. A load to handle in front of the crease, has very good shot often drives play. Defensively a work in progress, will 1-2 years to round out his game. Overall a lot to like here top 6 forward down the line.

jmaac1's comments: Effortless skater, heavy shot, competitive and High hockey IQ. 17 years old so their is a lot of room for growth. But he is a solid prospect who currently projects to be a top 9 forward in the nhl. Needs a couple years to grown all around.

jmaac1's comments: One of the bigger mysteries in the draft, considering he is one of the few players playing in a high school league. Dominated the league finishing top scorer with 80 points in 30 gp. He oozes skill and is an elite stickhandler. He is primarily a scorer with a lethal wrist shot and an excellent snap shot at his disposal. Can fly on the ice and still improving there. Not the biggest c but has decent size. I believe he can become one of the best players in the draft. Tremendous upside, would be robbery if he falls this far in my opinion. Knock here is can he replicate this type of production in a higher league. I believe he can. Too much skill and potential to pass up.

jmaac1's comments: Big winger, who projects to be a power forward. Really strong frame and has an excellent shot to boot. Hard to move off the puck, very strong along the boards. Solid playmaker as well. Dark Horse candidate here. Top 6 written all over him, one of the more underrated prospects in the draft.

jmaac1's comments: Arguably the best buy low WHL prospect in the 2018 draft. Chyzowski possesses all of the tools necessary to be successful at the next level. Can fly on the ice, never takes a shift off, relentless motor, solid frame with room for growth, and has a great shot to boot. One of my favourite prospects in the draft.

jmaac1's comments: More of Center than a winger, Milos Roman is a player that has consistently shown the ability to make adjustments so that he can continue to use his prodigious offensive talents at a higher level. Very talented offensively, shows signs of an elite playmaker, strong hockey IQ and awareness. Relentless forchecker. I project him to be a second line center at the next level. If things don't improve defensively you have yourself a third line scoring center at worst. Excellent value at this spot.

jmaac1's comments: A secure two way player who works really hard and has a good amount of skill. I have a second round grade on him. Very similar player to Martin Kaut in the draft. Difference between the two is that jeniks skating needs to improve while physically he needs to fill out as well. I have him dropping a bit because of this but overall has a high upside.

jmaac1's comments: Biggest player in the draft at 6'8. Not the fleetest of foot, but he is strong the puck, excellent along the boards, nightmare screener for opposing goalies. Also has an outstanding reach and physicality to his game. Must work on his defense and must improve his skating to make an impact at the next level. If he develops properly can see him as a top 9 forward at the next level. Needs a few years.

jmaac1's comments: Marchenko pierces opposing defences with ease, and it leads to some incredible plays. Highlight machine with an incredible skill set. One of the best gamebreakers in the draft. Offensively has the whole package, on the other end defensively needs a lot of work hence reason why he would drop. But just on Offensive talent I think he can be easily a second round pick. Huge reward if he develops properly.

jmaac1's comments: Hillis improved his game immensely as the season progressed, to the point where he was the most reliable scorer on his team. He’s a good skater with a never-quit attitude, plus he’s capable of setting up quality scoring chances off of board battles. Hillis won over 50 percent of his draws and can run a power play as well. Great value pick here and one of the better skilled prospects in the draft.

jmaac1's comments: Can fly on the ice, excellent wrist shot. Playmaker. Can be utilized on both the PK AND PP. Has an edge and grittiness when he plays. Needs to fill out and mature his game. But their is a lot to like about him excellent value at this point.

jmaac1's comments: One of the smaller players in the draft at 5'7. But he never let that stop him from becoming one of the most dynamic players in the draft. Elusive and has speed to burn. Can deke you out of your skates, has gamebreaker written all over him as he can beat you with his playmaking or his natural scoring ability. Solid defensively as well, powerplay QB. If he where 6 feet would be one the top prospects in the draft.

jmaac1's comments: Kurashev is a good all-around player who wants to get involved in the play any way he can…strong playmaking abilities with excellent creativity and vision. More passer than scorer, has excellent speed with an explosive first step. Excellent hands a testament to his playmaking ability. Defensively he is solid with room for improvement needs to work on his draws to be an nhl centreman as well as needs to fill out his frame to be a solid possession player. Has Top 6 potential.

jmaac1's comments: Effective passer and puck distributor Strong on-ice vision and anticipation Responsible two-way player Very effective at winning face-offs. Doesn’t play a particularly physical game Could stand to take a few more risks with the puck Arguably doesn’t have any “elite-level” attributes, but rather a collection of very strong ones. Topping projects as a third line center at the NHL level

jmaac1's comments: Galenyuk is physically gifted with good mobility and I'd say that looks like he got some puckmoving potential too. Strong in his own end, has a robust playing style, gets dirty. Overall a solid prospect who has top 4 potential.

jmaac1's comments: Nordgren is a very talented offensive winger who works hard and understands his defensive responsibilities so that he’s not a liability defensively. He seems to be more of a playmaker than a goal-scorer but also has an excellent wrist shot.Nordgren has very soft hands and great vision but the one thing holding him back is skating which is especially worrisome for a small player like him. Overall I'd say offensively talented winger who is a big boom or bust prospect in this draft. Gamble

jmaac1's comments: Not the biggest or strongest propsects in the draft. But wise has some outstanding hands, magician with the puck, very good possession player. one of the best 1on1 players in the draft. Also has a solid shot and can create in many ways for his teammates. Knock on him is he will need to get stronger and prove to be less injury prone as well as working on his defensive game. Overall Wise has the potential to be a two-way, top-six centre at the NHL level

jmaac1's comments: One of my favorite players coming out of the ohl. Regula is a late riser in the draft who is a very solid yet raw two way player. Physical specimen standing at 6'4 210 pounds. He is an excellent skater for his size. Solid first pass, very strong 1on1 defender, physical presence constantly when on the ice. Still growing in confidence and still very raw. He untapped potential and if met can see him as a Top 3 D-man in the nhl.

jmaac1's comments: Was the best goalie at the Ivan Hlinka Tournament. Competes at a high level, does not have ideal size for a goaltender but works hard, has very agile and quick reflexes moves very fluid. Solid draft and stash pick at this point. Reminds me of Jaroslav halak.

jmaac1's comments: Tremendous value here if he where to fall this far. Already has NHL Size at 6'2 195 pounds. One of the better skaters in this Draft class, can make plays at very high speeds. He battles very hard every possession. Possesses a deceptive shot, has crafty hands and is not afraid to get dirty. Overall a very solid prospect with very few holes in his game. Will be in Nhl alot sooner than people think.

jmaac1's comments: Highly-touted prospect for a number of years. Major Injury Risk considering he got sick and lost a ton of weight thus hindering his development. Been in catch up mode ever since. On the Positive side he does offer a ton of skill. He is a dynamic playmaker with elite vision. He also displays great stickhandling abilities. But his skating needs to improve so he can take advantage of his skill set. Does not have great size for a C, does not show a willingness to engage in physical play,Weak on draws, needs to get his strength back and more, and needs to work on his explosion as well. Overall I'd say he is the riskiest Boom or bust prospects in this draft.

jmaac1's comments: He’s a heart-and-soul, character type of guy. Has a strong work ethic and brings a lot of leadership skills. Does the little things, can chip in offensively, decent size. Top 9 winger, who you van can plug in play in your lineup. 17 years old so there is room for growth as well.

jmaac1's comments: Filip Kral is a bit of an enigma based on what he projects to be in north America. Has had a lot of trouble adjusting to the smaller rink, thus hindering his on ice-awareness and spacing in the defensive end. He plays small, not that physical either. But the thing that stands out most is that he is agile and an excellent skater, especially when he has the puck. He has quite a skill set for a defensemen but does not flash it enough. He is a good passer as well, and although he has been caight out of position a lot he is a solid defender. In my opinion he's one of the bigger risks when it comes to D-man especially with so many quality D-man in this draft. I look at him as strictly a gamble who can turn out to be a top 4 player. Buyer Beware though.

jmaac1's comments: Solid two-way forward who has very good speed and plays hard in every inch of the ice.Pekar’s positioning is impeccable and he consistently evades detection. I see Pekar as a dual threat that can set up plays off the cycle but also finish in open ice and bury chances at the side of the net. Strong on the boards as well. Has decent size but will need to fill out to play his type of game in the pros. But overall I have him as one of my sleepers in this draft to surprise sooner rather than later. Top 9 scoring winger is my projection for him. USHL Rookie of the year.

jmaac1's comments: I like this prospect even though there are questions about his work ethic and willingness to engage and drive play consistently. He has excellent size at 6'2 200 pounds, absolute lethal shot that can beat you in many ways. Very quick hands, with a very quick release. Very smooth skater with a great first step. One of the best shooting percentages in the draft which tells me he become an excellent scorer. If he fixes some of those holes in his game, you have the makings of a Scoring Power Forward. At this point would be considered a steal for me, considering what he brings to the game offensively. But can become a legitimate prospect in the pipeline.

jmaac1's comments: Speedy, hard-nosed center who plays a 200-foot game and competes hard every shift. Fortier is a threat to score in any situation, including while on the penalty kill. He’s shown great patience and a soft touch around the net, and he’s capable of setting up chances off of board battles. Fortier is more of a finisher than a set-up guy, but he plays a high-speed game and the puck always seems to find him. He is small, does not engage in physical play can easily knock him off the puck, but uses his speed to help in that matter. Overall solid value at this point in draft, hes a top 9 scoring winger who you can plug and play anywhere in the lineup.

jmaac1's comments: Annunen is a rigid butterfly goalie who doesn’t do anything particularly flashy and relies heavily on his wingspan and flare while positioned deep inside the crease to fend off chances from below the hash marks. Being married to the posts has its advantages, as he rarely loses awareness and reveals little white space when square to a shooter from any angle. Playing the puck or actively thwarting hard-arounds is something he doesn’t seem comfortable doing, partly because he barely does it and leaves little to the imagination. But overall he does have starter potential considering his size and length. But is a project will need to develop for a few years.

jmaac1's comments: He is a big and powerful Center who is a load to handle. Dominates the game from a physical standpoint, he is a natural goal scorer who excels from the blueline in. Plays a responsible game. Has tremendous upside, in my opinion one of the 5 best Centers in the draft. Needs a couple of years of development but the rewards would be huge.

jmaac1's comments: Quick puck rusher who reads plays at an extremely high level and knows precisely when to attack. Emberson’s combination of size and speed makes him a prospect with serious NHL upside. He loves to take the puck deep and makes the right choices, and he seems to identify and react properly when his partner is close to isolation. Taking the NCAA route to further hone his skills. Dark Horse Candidate here.

jmaac1's comments: Draft and stash player, has decent size at 6'1, solid mobile d-man who is responsible in his own end. Will be playing in Sweden for the next two years at least nonetheless he is a project with raw potential.

jmaac1's comments: 2017 USHL Forward of the Year, One of the smaller forwards in the draft at 5'9. Nonetheless he is a skilled offensive player who makes his linemates better…excellent passer who keeps his head up at all times at looks for multiple options. strong for his size and will finish checks. very difficult to contain along the wall or in the corner and will win puck battles despite being outnumbered…short stride but is a very good skater and can outpace most defenders…owns a hard, accurate shot and can label it for top corners. I think fit will have to do more with him being a top 6 forward in the future. H e is solid value at this point in draft.

jmaac1's comments: Scoring Winger, excellent even strength numbers which indicates pro scoring potential at the next level. Strong skater, who is agile and elusive. He has decent size and is not afraid to engage in physical play. I have a third round grade on him, very good value if he drops to this point. Top 9 scoring winger

jmaac1's comments: Another Big Mobile D-man here. He has excellent size at 6'3 and is a very smooth skater. 17 years old. Very solid in is own end but still needs to develop his raw offensive tools to see what he is truly capable of. He is what you call a safe pick to be an nhl d-man with potential to be a top 4 d-man if he develops somewhat of an offensive game.

jmaac1's comments: One of the older players in the draft. Owns a Cannon of a shot, solid size at 6'1. Good mobility and hockey IQ. Solid intangibles, does not play flashy a game but is effective using his own methods. Solid talent here who will need a couple of years to hone his skills. But could be solid down the line. 3rd pair nhl defender who can play on the powerplay.

jmaac1's comments: Not the sexiest prospects among wjc hopefuls. He plays a simple game with the notion of moving the puck before skating with it — but he can do the latter as well. Will need a few years to hone his defensive skills, yet to be seen if he ever develops somewhat of an offensive game.

jmaac1's comments: Hockey bloodlines here as he is the son of wendel clark. He plays a very good two-way game with a solid work ethic in all three zones. Like his father before him, he plays with some grit and is always willing to finish his checks without going out of his way to do so. He's fearless driving to the net, and does have a quick and accurate shot. He needs to work on his skating and explosion as well as he needs to fill out physically. If he improves in these areas could be a force down the line. Really like this prospect I think he has a solid future ahead of him.

jmaac1's comments: Pavel is one of the top skilled players in the HEO midget league this season. He possesses a combination of size, skill and skating that not many players have. Pavel is an intimidating presence when he is in full flight flying through the neutral zone and has made many a defender look very average as he blows by them. He is very dangerous when he has the puck on his stick and is always a threat offensively. He has great instincts for the net and has the ability to find open ice well. Conclusion he is a dynamic offensive player who projects to be a gamebreaker/playmaker at the next level. One of the more underrated players in the draft.

jmaac1's comments: One of the most interesting players in the draft. He is extremely raw and a long term project. However he does have some solid tools and skills. He has great size at 6'2 190 pounds, excellent stick handler, has scoring potential considering he scored 20 goals in his first season in the men's league in Britain. He has improved year to year which bodes well for his future development. What makes this more impressive is that he is learning and developing in a non traditional hockey market. He is a 100% homegrown talent. In a few years we will truly find out what he is all about. I would not be surprised if he becomes a top 6 center one day on the other hand I would not be surprised if he ends up being a fringe NNHL/AHL player as well.

jmaac1's comments: 4 line center who will bring a strong work ethic and sandpaper to lineup. Does the little things blocks shots, plays on the penalty kill and plays a strong defensive game.

jmaac1's comments: Hockey Bloodlines here as his father is ted drury. Had a monster year in the ushl, broke a ushl record by scoring in 22 consecutive games. Team Captain, and just has a very nice balance to his game. Although he is not the biggest of players he competes, and uses his skill set to offset those disadvantages. Overall Drury has the potential to be a two-way middle-six centre at the NHL level. He may never be a top line centre, but he can be an important piece if he develops.

jmaac1's comments: Has speed, slick hands & can make quick decisions. Needs some time to develop but has some scoring ability while playing a feisty checking game. Top 9 winger in time.

jmaac1's comments: Project who projects to be in a checking role in the pros. Can chip in here and there offensively is defensibly responsible and can skate. Solid depth player for pipeline and future.

jmaac1's comments: 6’2” he has pretty good size. I don’t project Struthers to be an offensive stalwart at the next level, but more a bottom-six forward who plays hard on pucks drives the net and will park himself there and will end up being a decent faceoff guy. Struthers has a long, powerful stride in his skating and is extremely strong on his skates. But he lacks an explosiveness in his first few strides and really doesn’t possess a separation gear. Is a smart hockey player so he knows how to make up his deficiencies y using his smarts.

jmaac1's comments: Second year draft eligible played in the VHL this past year. He has good size, plays a physical game but skating is a bit of a concern, yet to be seen if he has anything to offer offensively at the next level.

jmaac1's comments: When it comes to the 2018 National Hockey League Draft, Barrie Colts’ defenseman Tyler Tucker may just be one of the biggest enigmas there is. stay-at-home-defender who can take care of business in his own zone against top players. He is a bruising blueliner who relishes the physical part of the game. He is not the world’s fastest skater, but he possesses a powerful stride that allows him to keep his gaps closed or close them sufficiently. He is hard to beat one-on-one and rarely gets overpowered in the physical department.

jmaac1's comments: Burzan’s not huge physically. He arguably doesn’t have elite-level talent, but he’s a tremendous worker and uses his tenacity and hockey IQ to make his teammates better. It’s unclear what his developmental ceiling is – it’ll become more clear with more time as a primary contributor with Brandon – but his floor seems to be as a useful complementary player who elevates his teammates. If he can continue to unlock his offensive potential with the Wheaties, Burzan could be a tremendous value pick in the 2018 NHL Draft. I have a third round grade on him

jmaac1's comments: 5'9 little dynamo. Riley is a skilled center that never takes a shift off and is constantly working. He is a very good skater and is extremely quick off the mark with good explosive stops and starts. He uses his skating and skill set to generate offense each and every shift. You always know what you are going to get with him because of his work ethic and compete level. Riley is not a physical player, but he will go up against anyone at any time. He battles hard for pucks and wins a lot of races for loose pucks.

jmaac1's comments: Was the top performer in the skills testing at the top prospects game. Has blazing speed can blow by defenders, Explosive first step, Crafty stick handler, good 1on1 player. Decent size at 6'0. The player I would compare cotter to the most is Paul byron, difference being he has more size, which can make him a more effective player down the line. Solid value pick here.

jmaac1's comments: Deep Hockey Bloodlines again over here. Sutter is a responsible two-way player with size, hockey sense and a playing style that lends itself to the pro game. However his skating’s arguably his biggest gap – his acceleration and maneuverability aren’t high-end – but at the WHL level his smarts and situational awareness have allowed him to get by. His offense is still a work in progress but their are some people out there who believe he has untapped potential in this department. Draft and stash pick here who can become a very solid nhler down the line.

jmaac1's comments: Team USA’s best defender from their silver-medal-winning squad at the 2016 U18 Ivan Hlinka has bounced back from a rough rookie season in a big way, as he’s among the OHL’s top-scoring rearguards. Keane is a fluid skater with excellent vision and has significantly improved his decision making and reads. Solid developmental prospect who can crack an nhl lineup in a few years.

jmaac1's comments: Swiss Goal-scoring winger with good size who is a mainstay on the power play due to a hard, rising shot that he hammers off the pass with accuracy. Gerber seems to end up with at least three to four quality scoring chances per game, and he maintains a low center of gravity while controlling the puck near the net. He’s very reliable on breakouts and is an accurate passer, and he is willing to take a beating deep in his own zone in order to slip the puck onto the stick of a teammate who is looking to breakout. One of the steals in the later rounds of this draft, I see top 6 upside in him.

jmaac1's comments: Physical Specimen standing at 6'4 200 pounds. Excellent size for a center but he is extremely raw at this point for a Center. He has soft hands, solid on draws, and not afraid to get physical. Skating is a question mark, not much of an offensive player, but potential is there for him to be a 3rd line shutdown center in a few years.

jmaac1's comments: Albin Eriksson is big. That is what everyone seems to agree upon. The left-winger stands at 6’4” and weighs in at 209.5 pounds. The fact that he is one of the younger prospects in the draft makes him a very interesting prospect with hi physical tools.Eriksson has very good hands, and his technical ability stands out, be it with a deke or with a fast snapshot when pouncing on a rebound. Using his handling abilities, he can get himself out of tight situations and create a lane to the net where one wasn’t available. Eriksson's skating is one of his strengths, and it is especially impressive for his size. With Eriksson, the positives far outweigh the negatives. He has shown that he can produce, be a physical presence, and that he has a heavy shot, which is of a different calibre to many players in his age group. Add to this elite shot his great hands and the fact that he isn't afraid to try his dangles, plus his relentless forecheck and his good skating ability, and it’s easy to imagine more than a few NHL general managers wanting take a chance on the big winger, especially considering that he already has pro experience. In my opinion could be one of the steals in the draft developing into one of the better power forwards in a few years.

jmaac1's comments: “Fehervary is rather big in size but is a powerful skater. He is using his mobility and pivoting nicely, making him a smooth-skating defenseman. He possesses a powerful pass, but will need to work on his passing accuracy a bit as his passes were not always on the teammates’ blades but rather in the skates. Fehervary has the potential to develop into a solid NHL defenseman, with time on the penalty kill and the occasional shift on the power play.

jmaac1's comments: Committed to Arizona State University, Koumontizs spent this season dominating the Minnesota High-school league. He’s short, but solid and doesn’t look small on the ice. He’s got explosive offensive capabilities any just needs to learn how to stay consistent. There’s a lot of development needed in his game, and he could stand to work with a skating coach to improve his edge work, but Koumontzis is the kind of player you want to take a flier on at the end of the draft.

jmaac1's comments: Team Captain, shows poise and leadership skills, one of the overagers in the draft, has a strong work ethic and the key with him is that he battles for every inch of the ice. I see Nhl potential here, as a future 4th line c.

jmaac1's comments: Bottom 6 forward here who can chip in offensively. Excellent skater, solid shot, and stickhandler. Plays a tenacious game, always gritty on the ice. Overall yu can define him as sandpaper with some offensive punch. Needs a few years to fill and round out his game.

jmaac1's comments: The 17-year-old goaltender logged a 2.61 goals-against-average, a .914 save-percentage, and an 8-3-1-1 record in 19 appearances during the regular season. One of the youngest goalies in the draft. That also means he is very raw, has very good size standing a 6'3 , very fluid athlete, has quick reflexes. I'd say he is a 4-5 year project but has all the tools to be a starting goaltender in the nhl.

jmaac1's comments: One of the best sleepers in the draft who should be drafted alot higher than this slot. He was the CHN Rookie of the year, broke Justin Faulk's school record for points by a freshman defenseman. He's a highly-skilled playmaker whose feet power his game. He sees options develop quickly. He's an excellent power-play quarterback who can move the puck at the right time to good spots. And he defends well, which is an underrated part of his game. He's got legit talent and this point it really would shock me if he falls, but his size is a major factor here hence the reason why I see him dropping. He has all the makings a of a Top 4 D-man.

jmaac1's comments: Another big swedish Center at 6'2 200 pounds, currently playing in the pro league SHL. He has solid offensive potential, deceptive shot, above average skater and is good on draws. He's a project that has some potential down the line as a future 3rd Line C if developed properly.

jmaac1's comments: He has astonishing hands, he is able to make crafty dekes and he carries the puck with a lot of confidence. He is able to give really good and precise passes. He is also physically mature and it was extremely hard to knock the puck away from him while he was next to board. However he occasionally does not help back on defense as he supposed to. Also tries to make things happen all by himself, and often falls in love with holding on too the puck too much. Overall he's worth a flier in the later rounds, considering he has some solid assets established.

jmaac1's comments: Andersson has been a mainstay on the Swedish national teams throughout his development.Andersson is a smooth skating defenceman who is skilled with the puck. He makes a good first pass, can skate with speed and precision and very smart with the puck. He allows forecheckers to commit and then will just go the other direction and carry the puck out. He plays the game the way that many teams are building their defence in the sense that he is extremely mobile with the puck, smart with his reads and movements and makes a crisp first pass. Has a cannon of a shot, and will be a future PP QB because of his skating and offensive skill set. Saying that he is a long term project, that needs to stop gambling, mature physically, and develop a better hockey sense in terms of reading the right plays. But he has very good upside long term.

jmaac1's comments: Physical but low-key defender who uses his physicality to gain and take away the puck. Salda ia an excellent penalty killer and does a good job reacting to plays off the cycle. He’s got good speed and a heavy, accurate shot, but his puck skills are pretty much limited outside of the occasional home run or slap pass. Never one to back down from a challenge or be intimidated, Salada is tough to knock off the puck and can maintain control despite a feverish hounding from a trailing checker. He’s been an international tournament mainstay for the Czechs for several years. Like him alot as far as physical defensive d-man in draft.

jmaac1's comments: Probably the most intriguing Goaltender in the draft considering he's a late riser in the rankings. Tendeck can be best described as a read-and-react type of goaltender. The aforementioned run-and-gun style of the Giants led to a number of defensive breakdowns. His ability to read tough plays before they developed was the only thing that saved him on a lot of occasions. He is very adept at closing off the lower portion of the net, and his edgework, especially when down in the butterfly, is quite excellent. That creates a trickle-down issue with his game, though. Because of this ability, he is sometimes too reliant on pushing from the butterfly. This hurts him in situations when he would have been better off staying on his feet and holding his edges. Overall I can see him becoming one of the best goaltenders in this draft if he improves his consistency and work ethic.

jmaac1's comments: Yeryomenko could be selected as early as the late third round or as late as the sixth round. He still has a fairly limited sample size in North American hockey, but his performances in the latter half of this season provided clarity regarding where the holes are in his game. Teams that are really optimistic about his offensive game translating to the pros might try to jump on him early. Yeryomenko projects as a second or third pairing offensive defenseman. He could also prove to be useful on the power play, as long as his shooting and puck distribution continues to develop.

jmaac1's comments: Improbable ascent from little-known backup to Memorial Cup all-star.ended up playing 16 of Regina’s final 20 regular-season games, staking his claim to the No. 1 job with a 13-2-1 record, 2.33 goals-against average and .920 save percentage. Max has forced his way into the the 2018 NHL draft, and is one of the biggest risers in the draft. He's got an athletic frame at 6'2, excellent glove and blocker, he is a gamer, not afraid of the moment. Competes hard and his a very good understanding of the game. He will need time to develop, and teams will be curious to see if he is just a one hit wonder. Definitely worth a flier considering what he showed at the memorial cup. Intriguing developmental prospect.

jmaac1's comments: Big, physical and raw D-man. 17 years old so there's a lot of time for growth. Had a decent season adjusting to the north American rinks. Still developing an offensive game so don't know what there yet. He is a solid but not great skater but again that's all part of his development. Project wait and see in a few years how he turns out.

jmaac1's comments: Smooth-skating defenceman, Utunen reads the play well and his positioning is solid but I thought he gave bit too much open space for the opponents. While the defenceman is not especially flashy, he is offensively pretty good, he can keep the puck even in tight space and he usually makes the right decisions with the puck. His best part however is his skating. He is quick and especially his agility and first steps really stands out. He has the makings of an nhl d-man who can play the point on the PP if he develops physically and hones his skills offensively.

jmaac1's comments: One way to characterize him is speedy and tenacious. Injurys really put a hamper on his season and pretty much played catch up the rest of the way. when healthy he is a two way center and an explosive skater with excellent lateral quickness. He can play extended shifts, applies pressure everywhere and finishes his checks. Bottom 6 forward, that can kill penalties and chip in offensively here and there. Solid value if he falls this far.

jmaac1's comments: Nizhnikov is a skilled, flashy forward with good size…he moves well with a smooth stride that generates healthy speeds…has impressive elusiveness for a guy his size…agile and balanced on his feet…creates offensive chances by making moves to get to prime scoring areas before unleashing a dangerous shot and isn’t shy to get to the areas he needs to on the ice…good snap on his shot and a release that can easily fool a goaltender…has some playmaking abilities as well with smooth passes and good vision but definitely leans towards the shot whenever the option is given…has a tendency to rest on his natural talent as he can coast when he should be covering his man on the backcheck, or fly the zone instead of making sure the puck is in possession…not overly physical but does use his size to get to desired areas on the ice…will need to improve his two-way play, consistency and add some more strength…has electrifying offensive upside at the NHL level in a dynamic goal-scoring role, but he also a fair amount of bust potential in his game to be concerned with as well.

jmaac1's comments: Small for a center, but makes it up with his speed and offensive capabilities. Very good playmaker and on ice awareness. Has a lethal shot that he should utilize more. Defensively there is much to be desired. But at this point in the draft most prospect will have holes and deficiencies. One trick pony at he next level and that trick is offense.

jmaac1's comments: His stock rise and fall throughout the course of the 2018 season as he had some really promising periods of time during the year but he is always fighting an uphill battle as a 5’9″ centre. Zavgorodny is a crafty centre who has a good shot and playmaking abilities. He will be playing on the same team as wonder kid Alexis Lafreniere next season and could see another step offensively. Tremendous Ivan Hlinka tournament got him on the radar, but this undersized winger has the speed, hands and vision to be a producer in the NHL if placed in the right situation.

jmaac1's comments: He’s tall, quick and his big frame covers the majority of the net. He tends to square up to the shooter and maintains a steady glove – holding it up when the play calls for it. While his post-to-post movement can use a little work, he is able to contain rebounds and cover up when the puck does get away from him. if he works out the kinks in his mechanics and utilizes his size in net, there’s no reason why he can’t push his way to the NHL at some point down the road – at least in some kind of backup role.

jmaac1's comments: Now we reach one of the first twins in the draft. He is committed to the university of Michigan state with his brother. He’s displayed quite a bit of grit in his rookie USHL campaign. at 6-02, 194-pounds the 17-year-old Christian is a large-framed shutdown defender earning a “B” ranking from NHL Central Scouting. Overall he has the physical tools and is above average skater to become a minutes eater and shutdown D-man. He is a bit more further along than his brother. Would be a steal at this point in draft, I believe there is upside here with him.

jmaac1's comments: Gajarsky is easily my favorite Czech 00' who lacks size to be ranked higher. His numbers won't blow you out of water, but he did make a debut in the Extraliga. And for a reason. I would describe him as a complete player, he can rip the puck, he can be used on both PP and PK, he isn't afraid to get physical. You name it. If he grows he could rise really high, but at 5'10" he should still be a solid pick since he plays very mature game. He has middle six upside and is a monster value pick here.

jmaac1's comments: Big and physical D-man. Decent Skater, who is a defensive D-man and will be nothing more than that considering hes 19 year old and does not have much of an offensive game. I Project him as depth D-man at the next level.

jmaac1's comments: Physical Specimen at 6'4 200 pounds. Ideal size for a Center, Strong on the puck, very difficult to contain on the boards, parks himself in front of the net and displays soft hands from there. He drives play and is an excellent possession player. He needs to work on his skating and first step. Needs to become more of a playmaker and expand his on ice vison, needs to tighten up defensively but that will come with improved skating. Overall he is a project who can become a top 9 center in the pros one day. Tremendous value at this spot.

jmaac1's comments: Don't have much info on him, he's a butterfly Goaltender who is 6 feet and displays good traits for goaltender. He had an excellent playoff run with Djurgarden in Sweden. Project, could surprise and Crack an NHL Lineup one day.

jmaac1's comments: There’s a lot to like about Wylie’s game besides his name. Wylie’s bread and butter is his defensive game. Simply put, at the WHL level he’s established himself as a reliable, responsible two-way defender. He has effective mobility and skates well, but he’s elevated by his superb defensive awareness and ability to anticipate offensive attacks from the other team. He uses his size well, and just seems to know where to be in his own zone to minimize enemy offensive rushes. He’s also not afraid to block shots. His offense is a work in progress. He has NHL potential, and make his living one day there being a mobile minute eating shutdown defender.

jmaac1's comments: Kurovsky is the real gem the scouts will be watching, though, as he has put his 6'3", 200-pound frame to good use this winter, putting up 42 points in 35 games for Vitkovice's U20 program. He is a left wing who loves to create danger and bring the puck to the net from the sideboards. Top 9 scoring forward potential at the next level if he can continue to work and hone his skills. But a lot to like in this prospect at this point in the draft.

jmaac1's comments: Connor has played both defense and forward for his team this season. He is a good skater with good mobility and puck skills which allow him to carry the puck from the back end and beat forecheckers. Connor is strong along the boards at both ends of the rink and uses his physical size to his advantage. Connor’s versatility will be a big asset for him moving forward in his hockey career. One thing you can call him is versatile considering he played all over the lineup. Corcoran is a two-way defender who is a very good skater with excellent straight-line speed and very good mobility. Defensively, he closes his gaps extremely well. His speed and mobility allow him to keep players wide. He has good size and doesn’t shy away from the physical game and plays the body well to separate the opposition from the puck. Corcoran plays calm in his zone and does not buckle under pressure. He can beat the forecheck with his skating or make a good first pass out of the zone. He makes quick, decisive decisions and shows to have a high hockey IQ.

jmaac1's comments: Enns (6'1/175) is in his first full season with the Minotauros after joining the teams after the North Dakota high school season ended last season. In 37 career games as a Tauro Enns has posted seven goals and eight assists; three of his five goals this season have been game winners including two in overtime. His 12 points this season are second among Tauro defensemen and his +6 rating is third among all Tauro skaters.

jmaac1's comments: Projects as a depth forward at the next level, good skater, decent shot plays fast, and not afraid to get dirty.

jmaac1's comments: 20 year old overager, had a breakout season offensively, solid skills for a winger. Quick and agile, deceptive shot, decent size. Bottom 6 forward and the next level not too far away either as he is one of the seasoned prospects in this draft.

jmaac1's comments: Another overager here, although his development was slow, he did improve this year. Strong skater, who is elusive with a excellent first step. Not big at all for a d-man at 5'10 170, has some offensive skills like his hockey iq, and his passing which are both very solid. He does not engage physically, nor is he strong on the puck. His speed is his defense.

jmaac1's comments: Declan is one of the top defenders in this age group. He does everything very well. He’s a slick skating defenseman that has excellent mobility and very good top end speed. He logs a ton of minutes and because of his skating ability, he looks like he could play all day long. He is a very good passer, sees ice well and makes excellent simple outlet passes. He uses his mobility on the offensive blue line to his advantage, gets pucks on net and makes good shot/pass decisions. One of the better late round prospect with good upside. With the right coaching and structure he has potential to become a top 4 d-man.

jmaac1's comments: Hockey Bloodlines here as he is Ulf Samuelsson son. He’s a monstrous 6-5, 240-pounder so he already has NHL size. has good mobility for a player of his size and age. He has an above average initial pivot and has an adequate stride. His reach will certainly stick out to observers as will his active stick. He does a good job keeping opposing forwards to the outside and using his reach to pokecheck. He’s solid on gap control and was just consistently very solid overall. A lot to like here at this point in the draft, another high upside prospect in which would be very surprising if he were available this late.

jmaac1's comments: I like how versatile savage's play is. He wins puck battles and shows a very good scoring touch. He's committed to the university of Miami. Has bottom 6 forward potential at the next level, who would be a grit and glue guy in your lineup.

jmaac1's comments: smooth skater who pivots extremely well and has first-step quickness. One thing that certainly stands out is his poise under pressure, as he routinely spins and curls away from aggressive forecheckers before connecting with a hard tape-to-tape pass. He plays it safe in the offensive zone, but his teammates trust him with the puck, especially during cycles. Zhilyakov has a hard, accurate shot and is capable of running a power play thanks to his quick feet and ability to draw opponents out of position. He can be guilty of overcommitting to the strong side, but he otherwise seems to communicate well with his forwards. Late round Gem in my opinion, diamond in the rough D-man. With proper tutelage and maturing physically he can be a top 4 defender at the next level.

jmaac1's comments: Decent Size at 6'0 feet. Very goo skater, with an excellent point shot. Project a lot of holes he needs to work on. will see how he turns out.

jmaac1's comments: Hockey Bloodlines here as his father was john madden. Tyler is almost a carbon copy of his father in terms of how he plays the game. He is fast. He plays tenaciously at both ends of the ice. He is a pain in the rear to play against. And just when you’ve had enough, he’s scoring big goals to beat you. “He’s blazing fast on skates and moves with amazing agility, versatility and explosiveness. He has a great mind for the game, at which he excels both on offense and defense, and really takes charge of matters when he’s out there. A true leader at age 18. He is one of the steals of the draft and one of the most underrated forwards in the draft.

jmaac1's comments: PPG player in the high school league. He's 17 years old so he is very raw, good size, excellent skater, good playmaker and solid shot. Great value pick at this point with some tools to be an asset in the future.

jmaac1's comments: 5'9 center with a lot of raw ability offensively. Great Skater, very good vision, solid playmaker who plays a tenacious game. Strong for his size and tough to know off the puck. Eli is a draft and stash prospect. He can develop into a top 9 winger in a few years. Development is key for him.

jmaac1's comments: Sturdy, fearless forward with good hands and a nose for the net who can finish in a variety of ways. Crookshank, who is committed to the University of New Hampshire, played top-line minutes and saw significant time on the power play. He is a strong skater with good speed and is difficult to knock off the puck. Once in full flight, Crookshank maintains control of himself and doesn’t look like an erratic player who will make low-percentage plays — he will stop on a dime with his head up to look for cutters or make a quick directional change towards the cage. Once he’s inside the circles, Crookshank can unload a lethal shot with an incredibly quick release, but also has a high success rate when he takes the puck strong to the net, especially when he goes to his backhand. As good a goal scorer as he is, Crookshank has excellent vision and is capable of executing passes that lead to quality scoring chances. His stock has rised recently and would not be surprised to see him picked somewhere in the 4th round. Interesting prospect with potential.

jmaac1's comments: Another Overager who was passed over in last years draft, this year he started the season injured and missed some games. But when he came back to the giants he did not miss a beat. Strong skater, who has excellent quickness to his game. Makes a good first pass, decent size at 6'0 195 pounds, experienced, solid in his own end nothing spectacular offensively. He is a late riser, scouts are intrigued with his speed and skating, possible bottom pair defender at the next level.

jmaac1's comments: very raw 17 year old center with solid offensive skills and potential top 9 upside. Will need a few years to develop, not very big for a c, but hes a strong skater with good speed and craft playmaker. Decent shot as well. Definitely has value at this point in the draft worth a flier to see what he becomes.

jmaac1's comments: One of my favorite late round prospects. Has darkhorse written all over him. Shafigullin dominated in the MHL, with numbers that few other prospects put up in that league. He scored 20 goals and 16 assists for 36 points in just 22 games. He also added four goals and 11 assists for 15 points in just nine playoff games. He led the MHL playoffs in both points and assists.Shafigullin is not the fastest skater, but is very shifty and has good balance. Shafigullin is a natural sniper. He is gifted with an excellent wrist shot, and very good snapshot. He varies his release points which can fool goaltenders. Shafigullin also has an excellent one-timer. Much to be desired defensively, Overall he is a very under the radar prospect with huge boom or bust projection. His numbers are outstanding and he has an offensive skill set that reminds me of nikita kucherov. I would not be surprised at all if he goes alot higher in the draft than most expect.

jmaac1's comments: A 6’2″, 205 lbs. centreman, he is the type of player that every coach wants on his team. He is powerful in every aspect of his game, skating, battling and competing. He shoots the puck like a pro already and can shoot it in stride which is something most kids his age can’t do. Connor is a powerful skater with a long, explosive stride, enabling him to gain ground on the opposition very quickly. He’s shown the ability to dominate the game physically at the Minor Midget level. I see a future top 9 Center here with him. One of the better prospect in the later rounds and would be a steal at this point in the draft.

jmaac1's comments: Project, decent size at 6'0 feet, good skater and good speed. needs to develop physically to really hold up in his own end, solid first pass, but not much of an offensive player yet. Wait and see in a few years. Draft and stash prospect.

jmaac1's comments: A smart and skilled player, not overly big at 5'10 160 so theres alot of work to do from a physical standpoint. Not a strong skater, but he has good hands and shows an eye for the net. One trick pony at the next level and that would be chipping in offensively here and there.

jmaac1's comments: Big and strong Center who plays in the swedish elite league. He has a very good compete leve, hockey sense, and overall grit to his game. Needs to continue working on his skating as i would label him as a below average skater. he's got a good shot but does not use it enough on ice awareness needs work and that will go along way for his playmakings skills. Overall he is a project, and will need a few years

jmaac1's comments: The six-foot-two Barton netted six goals and 27 assists for the Smoke Eaters in his rookie season, and is an intelligent, poised and physical defender, who is considered a third- or fourth-round draft candidate. So he's