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Last Updated: 06-15-2018

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T92out of 235 mocks (62% Overall)

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1st Round: 29/150 points
2nd Round: 12/150 points

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41 points out of 300 overall

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knox96's comments: All signs point to Ayton for the Suns, the size, athleticism and offensive ceiling make him a great pick despite the defensive concerns

knox96's comments: I don't believe Porter should be the 2nd pick, I don't even think he should be top 5, but the Kings at 2 screams bold move and nothing would be bolder (and I'd argue stupider) than taking him here. Very high ceiling but injuries and attitude are both red flags

knox96's comments: Doncic should not fall out of the top 3 and I believe the Hawks will be wise enough not to let him. Only lack of athleticism as a weakness, Doncic has a chance to be an all-time great

knox96's comments: The Amare Stoudemire comparisons make a lot of sense, but the risks are clear too, but Memphis is the perfect place for Bagley to develop

knox96's comments: Dallas will gladly take the guy with the potential to be Tyson Chandler on defense and a solid offensive weapon. Bamba could be the best player in this draft

knox96's comments: When the Magic could shoot they won games, why not draft the best shooter regardless of his inconsistency?

knox96's comments: I'm predicting a trade here: Hornets trade Kemba, Marvin Williams, and the 11th pick and next year's first rounder for Robin Lopez, Justin Holiday, and the 7th pick. Hornets trade a star for a guy they think will be their new cornerstone in Jaren Jackson who is absolute steal here

knox96's comments: A lot of options here for the Cavs, if they believe LeBron is gone I might suggest trading back if they aren't convinced on anyone. But if they keep the pick, Carter is an excellent player to rebuild with or to compliment James if he stays

knox96's comments: As much as everyone wants Young on the Knicks I think that would not be a good fir, instead Mikal Bridges has a great chance to be a consistent glue goal who could play as a great 2nd option behind KP

knox96's comments: Perhaps this pick will be gone in exchange for one Kawhi Leonard? If not then why not grab the guy who looks like he could be the next Leonard?

knox96's comments: Could we see Kemba gone in a draft day trade? New York or Orlando may be in the running for Kemba and the 11th pick if they're willing to take another contract. If not, expect Charlotte to add the best available player which I believe is Sexton

knox96's comments: LA made no sense last year. looking as if they'd try to make the playoffs before trading away their best player. But they have a great opportunity with back-to-back picks to stay right in playoff consideration. Shai can develop into their future starter at the point..

knox96's comments: While Bridges can play a strong complimentary role to Harris

knox96's comments: Denver should only continue to get better, but defense needs to improve immediately. Williams is a project on defense but his upside is high, we could see Zhaire smith here for similar reasons

knox96's comments: Gortat ain't gonna last much longer which I believe will actually be a great benefit for the Wiz kids, Robinson is another project but has the potential to be huge next to Wall and Beal

knox96's comments: A defensive-minded guarded I can imagine Thomas sliding in next to Booker as an excellent compliment, Thomas can develop into Patrick Beverley type player

knox96's comments: Walker appears to be an ideal fit for the Bucks with his excellent scoring ability and can help an offense that struggles to score outside of Giannis

knox96's comments: Zhaire Smith can be argued ahead of Thomas and Walker but his fit would be ideal with the Spurs, a tweener between guard and forward he has the Swiss army knife potential Pop loves

knox96's comments: Adding Bamba is going to set a new standard for the Hawks, but not on the offensive end, Simmons is young and has potential to be very impactful in scoring and more

knox96's comments: Poorman's Doncic light still has the ability to make an impact and develop into a solid rotation player who can provide a spark

knox96's comments: Frazier can be a solid 3-D glue guy who fits the Quinn Snyder mold

knox96's comments: High ceiling low-floor makes Porter a not safe bet but one the Bulls can certainly be willing to take

knox96's comments: Positionless player, Keita can play as a great compliment for the Pacers bench and potentially the starting lineup

knox96's comments: Hunter's absence played a big role in Virginia's upset loss in the tourney, his skillset can play a glue guy role

knox96's comments: 3-D potential, can't go wrong

knox96's comments: Not the highest ceiling but has a skillset that can be developed

knox96's comments: Boston should happily take Melton and prevent him from falling into the Warriors hands

knox96's comments: Feisty player that can use that energy effectively with the Warriors

knox96's comments: Hutchinson has a well-rounded skill set, could get the chance to shine on the Nets

knox96's comments: Diallo probably made a mistake staying an extra year but the upside is worth taking a flyer