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Last Updated: 05-24-2018

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T100out of 235 mocks (58% Overall)

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1st Round: 27/150 points
2nd Round: 13/150 points

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40 points out of 300 overall

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thevonmillerlit's comments: They really need a good PG to support Devin Booker, he is their man.

thevonmillerlit's comments: The lost of DeMarcus Cousins is tough, but they can find him a replacement with Ayton.

thevonmillerlit's comments: Maybe they don't need a PF, but they can play Bagley as a C so their depth chart looks better then ever.

thevonmillerlit's comments: They really need a SF...

thevonmillerlit's comments: Nice replacement for Dirk.

thevonmillerlit's comments: The only position they need to replace is PG, Trae Young is the best PG in the draft.

thevonmillerlit's comments: Robin Lopez Is old, Bamba can do it all for the bulls.