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MY MOCK DRAFTS - warhorse_96's 2019 NFL DRAFT

Last Updated: 04-25-2019

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warhorse_96's comments: There are three things working against Kyler going 1 overall. The first s that Josh Rosen has not been traded. While this still has not happened, the cards could be waiting until draft day to deal him, you don't keep a QB you don't want on your roster for this long with the No.1 Overall pick in your hands. Second is that Kyler was allowed to visit other QB needy teams in the top 10/15. Again, why would the Cardinals allow for this if they did not either want to trade out of 1 or they are not taking him. Lastly, there is reportedly split feelings within the organization about taking him at one. All this points to Nick Bosa being the pick, in my opinion.

warhorse_96's comments: Bosa is gone. The 49ers will go with Plan B and draft Quinnen Williams to solidify this young and potentially devastating front seven.

warhorse_96's comments: There is no trade here. The Jets will make the pick. This will come down to Three players: DT Ed Oliver, OLB/EDGE Josh Allen and OT Jonah Williams. The Jets reportedly like Williams and Oliver and are prepared to make Oliver the pick. If they make a trade with the Giants, they could realistically get both players, but since there is no trade, the question becomes which helps them more? By all means, Williams gives the Jets a franchise LT, but the Jets really want to beat Brady. If there's anything the Superbowl showed us this year, it's that interior pressure beats Brady. Therefore, the pick will be Ed Oliver. This is not a bad move, Oliver was seen as a potential number one pick at the beginning of this season, and the fact he is still here at three is a testament to not only his potential, but the depth of this class. His questions arise around the pass rush, as he figures to play a role similar to Leo Williams, but if anyone can get Oliver to where he can be, it's Greg Williams.

warhorse_96's comments: Oakland goes with a replacement for Kahlil Mack. Josh Allen has Mack potential, but it will depend on him developing a set of pass rush moves.

warhorse_96's comments: Tampa lost out on Kwon Alexander. Yes, they need a secondary, but replacing Alexander needs to be the top priority at five. Without a solid LB, it does not matter who is covering, as the defense will have no leadership. White is an Alpha Dog personality, similar to former teammate Jamal Adams.

warhorse_96's comments: Yes, the Giants need a QB But they also still need an offensive line and defense. At six, that should be the priority. Jawaan Taylor should be the first pick. Before they get a QB either this year or next, they need to be able to protect him and provide him a defense that will get him the ball back.

warhorse_96's comments: This is a surprise, but it makes sense. The Jags have Nick Foles, so they won't take a QB r1. They have a need at ILB and S, but there is no one decent to take. The other need comes in at WR and TE, and I would gather they want a Nice TE that Foles can use as a security blanket.

warhorse_96's comments: An edge rusher to fill the void of Ansah and opposite of Flowers. Yes, they could use a CB, but at 8, it would be a reach. Sweat can also play OLB if needed.

warhorse_96's comments: The Bills have done a nice job at addressing their needs, but they still have some. They need a DT, but 9 is way too early for a pure DT. They do need a WR 1/2 and D.K. Metcalf fits the build fo the offense Sean McDermott is trying to build.

warhorse_96's comments: The Broncos need to face reality: Joe Flacco is not a solid QB. He's a stopgap and they have no answer as to who is the future. Drew Lock can sit behind Flacco, much like Lamar Jackson, and learn. I personally think Drew Lock and Will Grier are the best options in this draft and if Denver goes with Lock at 10, it's a solid step to a brighter tomorrow.

warhorse_96's comments: The Bengals are the Browns of old. Dalton is a mess and they have no good options behind him. They also have a terrible defense. At 11, Kyler Murray may prove to be too good to pass up for Cincy.

warhorse_96's comments: The Green Bay offensive line is a mess and they need to fix it for the sake of Aaron Rodgers.

warhorse_96's comments: Cam Wake and Robert Quinn are gone. Miami could use another pass rusher to pair with Charles Harris.

warhorse_96's comments: Atlanta needs a consistent pass rusher, as Vic Beasley has not panned out.

warhorse_96's comments: Washington gets a potential answer to their QB problem.

warhorse_96's comments: Rashan Gary is the biggest boom or bust prospect on the defensive side of the draft. He could be the steal of the draft, or the biggest bust. Carolina has to go DE to fill the void left by peppers.

warhorse_96's comments: C'mon, you all saw this one coming. Daniel Jones is a younger Eli Manning and they have all but stated that they want another Eli as their future.

warhorse_96's comments: Minnesota's biggest weakness was their offensive line.

warhorse_96's comments: A solid option to play as WR.2 across from Cory Davis and Adam Humphries.

warhorse_96's comments: Your secondary is shit. Fix it.

warhorse_96's comments: Russell Wilson needs weapons. Help the man you just paid a crap ton of money to.

warhorse_96's comments: The Ravens lost C.J. Mosely and they need to find his replacement.

warhorse_96's comments: This line might be worse than the Giants, which should be impossible.

warhorse_96's comments: Pass rusher? Check. Secondary? Here ya go. The Raiders get a Corner to play across from Gareon Conley.

warhorse_96's comments: Your secondary was the equivalent of Burnt toast.

warhorse_96's comments: The colts improved on defense, but they still can't stop the run. Wilkins is a good value at 26.

warhorse_96's comments: Marshawn Lynch is old and slow. Get a younger RB who can actually do damage to help this offense.

warhorse_96's comments: Please stop the run on defense.

warhorse_96's comments: You lost because Dee Ford has no discipline. For that, he has been exiled to San Francisco. You still had problems stopping the run and now have no LBers. Mack Wilson is the pick here.

warhorse_96's comments: Green Bay goes with a WR to pair with Davante Adams.

warhorse_96's comments: The Rams need a good TE threat to solidify this offense. We saw what happened when Cooper Kupp went down and Todd Gurley became useless. The Rams need a weapon for the middle of the field, and the current field of TE's on the roster do not make the cut.

warhorse_96's comments: The Patriots need a TE. No TE options are left. They need a CB, and lo and behold, there is not a good option. However, they need a WR option in case Demaryius Thomas does not pan out. Enter Hakeem Butler, who is viewed as a sleeper.

warhorse_96's comments: The Cardinals have the worst offensive line outside of NYG in the NFL. Time to fix that.

warhorse_96's comments: The went and signed Devin Funchess for a year, but He is nothing special and the Colts still need a number 2 pass catcher

warhorse_96's comments: Oakland really needs hep on the defensive line.

warhorse_96's comments: SF could use another S to pair with Jimmie Ward

warhorse_96's comments: FIX YOUR LINE.

warhorse_96's comments: Another Pass rusher for Sacksonville

warhorse_96's comments: Your secondary sucks - Stop ignoring it and fix it.

warhorse_96's comments: The bills could use a DT to fill the void left by the retired Kyle Love. Simmons was considered a consensus first founder before the ACL tear.

warhorse_96's comments: Chris Harris reportedly wants out of Denver. It would be wise for the Broncos to find someone who could develop into his replacement.

warhorse_96's comments: Your offensive line is Hot Garbage

warhorse_96's comments: Golden Tate is gone and the Lions need to find a reliable target to give in the slot for Matt Stafford

warhorse_96's comments: The Packers could use another LB to Pair with Preston Smith

warhorse_96's comments: Brian Poole went to NYJ, leaving the Falcons needing a solid option at SLCB.

warhorse_96's comments: It has been a long time since the Redskins have had a consistent Target at WR - it's the main reason they have had offensive struggles. Harmon could be the answer.

warhorse_96's comments: McCoy is slated as a C, but I have the Panthers moving him to G to start in place of Van Roten, who is Rotten.

warhorse_96's comments: The Dolphins could use a QB, but there are none to take a this point. They also need a backup RB, and Harris and Drake would make a very nice duo.

warhorse_96's comments: Cleveland traded away Jabril Peppers to get OBJ (good move), and traded for Eric Murray, but they still need to find a S. This would be a good value.

warhorse_96's comments: Your offensve line should be the main concern in this draft. R1 and 2 should reflect that.

warhorse_96's comments: A potential Day 2 steal and replacement for Brian Orakpo on the Edge

warhorse_96's comments: A pass rusher to pair with TJ Watt.

warhorse_96's comments: Jason Peters is getting up in age, and while he is still playing very well still, it couldn't hurt to draft for the future.

warhorse_96's comments: They Lost Kareem Jackson this past offseason and it couldn't hurt to replace him.

warhorse_96's comments: Apply the same logic as above, but this time to Tyrann Mathieu

warhorse_96's comments: A TE to possibly make up for losing Gronk

warhorse_96's comments: The Eagles could use a LB.

warhorse_96's comments: Dallas uses ther first pick of the Draft on the TE of the Future (and maybe present), once Jason Witten decides to retire for good.

warhorse_96's comments: Indy Grabs a CB to play in the slot with Pierre Desir and Kenny Moore

warhorse_96's comments: A bit of reach at this spot, but the Chargers need a solid RT; this pick could also be a CB or LB.

warhorse_96's comments: The Chiefs use their first pick to replace Kareem Hunt, who was released for being a terrible human being. Darrell Henderson is a plug and play for Hunt.

warhorse_96's comments: Max Unger retired and the Saints suddenly have a massive hole at center to address.

warhorse_96's comments: KC grabs a Corner to play with Bashaud Breeland because this secondary was crap last year.

warhorse_96's comments: Andy Isabella is a NE WR. He fits the mold of Julian Edelman and Wes Welker; a small white dude who can make catches when needed to do so the most.

warhorse_96's comments: Larry Fitzgerald is on a one year deal, and it is probably his last year as well. Plan for the future and also grab a WR who can play the outside immediately by providing deep speed for the air raid system.

warhorse_96's comments: Your corners suck and you need.

warhorse_96's comments: SF grabs some WR depth.

warhorse_96's comments: There is no secret that the Jets have an interest in improving the offensive line, and they brought in the best OL coach in the game to improve the unit. Cajuste is a possible r1 kind of guy, but he's not as solid as Williams and Dillard or Taylor, so he falls to NYJ in the third round

warhorse_96's comments: Jax grabs some depth and a potential backup for Fournette

warhorse_96's comments: Tampa grabs a S in round 3 to continue the secondary rebuild.

warhorse_96's comments: Denver needs to draft a ILB to replace Brandon Marshall, who left for division rival Oakland.

warhorse_96's comments: Vontaze Burfict is no longer in Cincy, and that's good.He was a liability in coverage and was a dirty player who was constantly a distraction. Cincy grabs a solution in round 3.

warhorse_96's comments: NE could use an EDGE rusher so that they can move Dont'a Hightower to the inside.

warhorse_96's comments: The Bills Running Backs are old as hell, and they need to try to find a younger solution in case they regress.

warhorse_96's comments: I don't believe the Packers have a good answer at RB for Rodgers, and they need to have a contingency in case this is true.

warhorse_96's comments: The Skins are hoping that they have addressed the offensive woes. Now to Defense. The Alabama Cri- I mean Washington Redskins need bodies that can cover in tackle in a division with Amari Cooper, Golden Tate, Sterling Shepherd, Alshon Jeffrey and Desean Jackson. Savion Smith is a masive reach at this point (as he figures as a mid 4th rounder) but the Skins have no choice with no good options at this junction.

warhorse_96's comments: Run CMC needs a quality Backup and compliment, as Artis-Payne is not doing the job.

warhorse_96's comments: The Dolphins lost standout tackle Ja'wuan James to Free Agency this offseason, and they need to find someone better than Zach Sterup to protect Fitzception.

warhorse_96's comments: The Falcons could use a quality backup/potential starter to Ty Sambrailo

warhorse_96's comments: Denzel Ward needs a viable No.2 corner to go across from him. Justin Layne has potential to be that.

warhorse_96's comments: Outside of Kyle Rudolph, the Vikings have no depth at TE

warhorse_96's comments: I have good reason to suspect the Titans want to draft a G in the mid-rounds, due to Kevin Pamphile (Who?) being their current starter on the right side.

warhorse_96's comments: No AB, No Bell, and Donte Moncrief was signed to help. The Steelers are good at drafting WRs, so maybe this pans out.

warhorse_96's comments: Seattle just traded away Frank Clark, o they could use an edge rusher.

warhorse_96's comments: Upgrading the offensive line to fit Lamar Jackson's style should be priority no.2 after finding him weapons.

warhorse_96's comments: A good TE has been a consistent need for Houston as injuries have destroyed any potential for players they have brought in.

warhorse_96's comments: Buster Skrine was signed to act as a SLCB and Starting CB. Bad move Chicago, find a good outside CB, like Lonnie Johnson.

warhorse_96's comments: Defensive end depth and competition for the starting LDE spot.

warhorse_96's comments: Linebacker depth

warhorse_96's comments: Dallas grabs help for the defensive line

warhorse_96's comments: Thomas Davis is only on a short contract and LA needs help at LB.

warhorse_96's comments: Your offensive line sucks. Fix it so Russell Wilsons Brain is saved from being Mush another year.

warhorse_96's comments: The Jets need a Center and an Edge Rusher. A Center will have to wait a little longer, but an Edge Rusher can be had at this juntion as Porter Gustin would be a good value at this point.

warhorse_96's comments: Suh is still a FA and there is a need for a NT. Buggs can be plugged on the inside to play or remain on the outside if Brockers is played inside.

warhorse_96's comments: Offensive line. I've said it before, fix it.