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MY MOCK DRAFTS - willz123's 2019 NHL DRAFT

Last Updated: 06-18-2019

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T158 out of 533 mocks (71% Overall)

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1st Round: 45/155 points
2nd Round: 9/155 points
3rd Round: 5/155 points
4th Round: 4/155 points
5th Round: 1/155 points
6th Round: 0/155 points
7th Round: 4/155 points

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68 points out of 1085 overall

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willz123's comments: Hughes is the best player available to play with Hall and Nico. Hughes will be a consistent 70 point man in the NHL and will be an elite player.

willz123's comments: Kaapo Kakko Has played really well this season and is a top 2 pick easily. His big frame and ability to keep control of the puck is better than anybody in this draft class. Not only that but Kakko is very strong off the puck crating open space which lead to scoring opportunities. One of my favourite players in this years draft. Kakko Holds elite potential and can be the center piece of the New York Rangers.

willz123's comments: Cozens standing at 6'3 has the ability to play both center and winger. He shares a lot of characteristics with Kakko s they're both skillful players with handy puck possession better than most in this draft. He's got a great release and plays really well off the puck. Cozens may be a project but the potential is high for Cozens and for a team like Chicago which seems to be entering their rebuilding process he is definitely a solid piece to the puzzle for a forward group that needs help down the middle. Cozens looks to be a good top 6 forward giving you consistent input for offense.

willz123's comments: After his playoff run in Vancouver and the offencse that's seized into his game it's clear to see that Byram is something special. If Chicago decides to go center this draft there's no doubt in my mind that Byram goes 4 and he's not falling.

willz123's comments: The speedy center with great vision can bring that. Personally I think Zegras is more talented at this stage but Turcotte has a higher IQ and has more upside. Turcotte seems to be a top 6 play maker for the future maybe even elite. With an aging Kopitar and Carter LA will be looking to gain another center for Kupari and Turcotte can be that guy at 5.

willz123's comments: They'll pick D to fill a gap in their lineup. Broberg is probably the most NHL ready out of everyone available. Defense wise after Byram and I believe that there is some untapped potential looking into this player. This may be a risk for defense men this high after Byram but it can be very rewarding for the Redwings as well.

willz123's comments: Dach has performed well and with the one dimensional play of Podkolzin and the fact he might not even come to the NHL. He just can't be a top 5 pick. The only GM to have the guts to pick podkolzin in the top 5 is probably Chayka. Too bad he's picking 14th. Dach can be a good top 6 forward and a good penalty killer for the Sabres

willz123's comments: I don't believe a lack of size will keeps Caufield down considering the change of play in the NHL now. He showcased that greatly in the U18 tournament and I believe he's a lottery pick no doubt. Caufield looks perfect for a supporting role on a top line contributing big numbers each year.

willz123's comments: His playmaking ability will be something that Anaheim is going to be all over. Fast and capable of playing both center and wing, he'll be the center Anaheim wants. Could look to be top center on Anaheim giving them a consistent 60-70 points.

willz123's comments: Newhook is one of the best juinor players out of the BCHL. He's already outscored the likes of Benn and Carr this year. Personally I wouldn't look past him. Newhook doesn't always play with intensity and can sometimes be a puck hog but I do believe the upside potential is higher than we think. Coming off of a great U18 tournament, I know Canada didn't get the results they wanted but Newhook looked like a leader out there and made his name prominent racking up 10 points (5 goals and 5 assists) in 7 appearances. With a good two-way game, Newhook looks like a top 6 forward who would be great both winger and center.

willz123's comments: Peyton Krebs is top 10 talent. Philly might not have found what they want in Patrick but Krebs is fast and smart with the puck and will be a great player to add up front. Krebs looks like a top center giving his team consistently 70 points.

willz123's comments: Looks to be a good top 4 defensemen and powerplay specialist.

willz123's comments: Although they need help in net. Montemboult looked good in the games he played and Florida needs help on the blue line too. This to me will be more or a desperation pick to pick up a solid blue liner. With Harley, they'll get one. Harley looks to be a good second pairing defensemen.

willz123's comments: Suprising pick? Maybe, but Heinola resembles a lot of what Heiskanen is and with an aging blue line (Hjalmarsson, Demers, Goligoski) Heinola could very well end up being a 1st or 2nd paring in the NHL. Heinola looks like a top 4 defensemen used on the powerplay.

willz123's comments: Due to his one dimensional play and lack of play making makes him a project to begin with. To add to that he's signed a 2 year contract in the KHL and has said he's not sure where he wants to play hockey. Montreal is willing to make this pick and stop the fall of Podkolzin as he's got a natural shooting ability and a pure scorer, Montreal is clsoe to the playoffs and can afford to wait 2 years for their winger. Podkolzin looks to be a top 6 forward to reaches 30 goals at least once.

willz123's comments: Big Forward with an elite release. His play making ability is nothing to look past, he is sometimes making late passes and not always looking but it's nothing that can't be taught. Drafted by a team that praises hockey IQ (Hamilton). Kaliyev has that, as he can make the flashy play to get by the D, he can also make the smart plays and keep the team out of trouble. I personally don't believe Kaliyev holds elite potential to his name, I do think he will make a good supporting scorer for any team who picks him.

willz123's comments: Considering what happened during the trade deadline, Ottawa is going to be looking at someone who can bring some hope and some hype to the franchise. Even though they are picking 18th on my board;Lavoie has the potential to bring that hype. was once looked at as a lottery pick late last year. A fast player with a lot of speed and elusiveness in his game. I believe the poteinal is still there with Lavoie, but he just isn't as polished as we once thought.

willz123's comments: Plays with a calm demeanor with good backward skating and lateral movement. He played a key role on kelowna and I believe he was better than Korczak. Not to mention his wrist shot/snap shot is virtually the same as Phil "The Thrill" Kessel. Fun player to watch and could definitely jump into the 1st round.

willz123's comments: Speedy, plays the 200ft game, hard worker and committed. The only thing holding Kallionkieli from being a first rounder is his ability to make plays and creativity on offense. Drives to the net hard and has a good release but he wasn't one to make that passing play often.