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2012 NBA Draft

2012 NBA Draft - June 28th, 2012 @ 7:00 AM, in Newark, NJ
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Round 1

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1 New Orleans Anthony Davis*** C Kentucky 6' 10" 200
DraftSite's comments:"Brow down when we come to town. Great feeling since everyone has screwed us in the past. Promising future. Good building block. Will protect the paint for the next decade and then some." - Tony DeVito
2 Charlotte Michael Kidd-Gilchrist*** SF Kentucky 6' 7" 185
DraftSite's comments:"I think MKG was a good one. He has a winning attitude and is very motivated." -Jenna
3 Washington Brad Beal*** SG Florida 6' 3" 177
DraftSite's comments:"I'm ecstatic! I thought Cleveland was going to trade to get Beal. Perfect compliment to John Wall. Besides Wall, which everyone knew we were going to pick, this is the first 1st round pick I'm excited about. D.C. loves this pick!" -Kyle Thompson
4 Cleveland Dion Waiters** SG Syracuse 6' 3" 214
DraftSite's comments:"Not happy. Really wanted Bradley Beal or Kidd-Gilchrist. Knew we were screwed when they were picked. Is he really better than Lillard if they really needed a scorer? Not exceedingly happy but give them the benefit of the doubt. Said the same thing about Weeden with the Browns but now I'm happy" -Tom & Jared Rogers
5 Sacramento Thomas Robinson* PF Kansas 6' 9" 230
DraftSite's comments:"An excellent pick! Surprised he didn't go number 2 and fell into our laps at 5. When I saw everyone else was getting picked I said they better pick him. It was no brainer for the Kings. I was going to yell, shout, cry, scream, and kick if they didn't pick Robinson. Expecting big things from the Kings this year. Hopefully the pieces are there to start being contenders in the west." -Steve Cruz
6 Portland Trade Icon Damian Lillard SG Weber State 6' 2" 185
DraftSite's comments:"I love Lillard. He's athletic and can shoot. He was the 2nd best scorer in the NCAA. They needed a point guard and haven't had one since Damon Stoudamire, if you count him as one. He's 6'3" and a big guard. He actually said he wanted to play in Portland. That's tough because you can't normally find a lot of people who want to play there." -James, Portland
7 Golden State Harrison Barnes** SF UNC 6' 8" 210
DraftSite's comments:"Barnes was way better than the 7th pick in the draft. I think he's the 4th best player. Curse of the Warriors is over. Fact that he is a small forward is perfect because it's exactly what we need. Thank Cleveland for being terrible at taking players." -Lucas
8 Toronto Terrence Ross** SG Washington 6' 5" 180
9 Detroit Andre Drummond*** C UConn 6' 10" 251
DraftSite's comments:"Shocked that Andre Drummond fell to them. Very excited! Thought he's be taken by Golden State at 7. Great addition to the from court. Paired with Greg Monroe, they should be a force for years to come." -Adam Hertz
10 New Orleans Trade Icon Austin Rivers*** SG Duke 6' 4" 175
DraftSite's comments:"I think he's a player that can score. Monty and Dell said before the draft that's what they needed and he's the definition of that. Real excited for the way it's going down in New Orleans. Between these two picks and Gordon, there's a good foundation to build on." -Wade Kreider
11 Portland Meyers Leonard** C Illinois 7' 0" 225
DraftSite's comments:"Very excited for Meyers Leonard. Didn't expect him to fall. Tallest guy in draft and most athletic big guy. Watched him at the combine and the dude looks like he is going to be really good. I was afraid they were going to take a power forward and move LaMarcus to center. Fulfills what Greg Oden could have been and feel that we are ready to compete after last year's disappointment." -Bill Donlon
12 Houston Trade Icon Jeremy Lamb** SG UConn 6' 4" 165
DraftSite's comments:"It's blast off time!" -Chris Keane
13 Phoenix Kendall Marshall** PG UNC 6' 4" 195
DraftSite's comments:"It's a good pick. Start of a new generation of pass-first Suns point guards." -Joseph Sklar
14 Milwaukee Trade Icon John Henson* PF UNC 6' 10" 200
DraftSite's comments:"Now that Henson recovered from his injured hand, he'll be swatting shots all over the Central division. Excellent value pick at 14. Wasn't on the Bucks board because they thought he'd be taken by Detroit at 9. Overall pretty happy and pleased with the pick." -Reid Otto
15 Philadelphia Moe Harkless*** SF St. John's 6' 8" 190
DraftSite's comments:"Absolutely despondent. If you are going to draft Harkless, trade down. Not the right value at 15. Need bigs. Stuck in mediocrity, which as we know is purgatory in the NBA. Need to be more creative and make moves." -Noah Marmar
16 Houston Trade Icon Royce White SF Iowa State 6' 8" 270
17 Cleveland Trade Icon Tyler Zeller C UNC 7' 0" 240
18 Houston Trade Icon Terrence Jones** SF Kentucky 6' 9" 230
19 Orlando Andrew Nicholson PF St. Bonaventure 6' 9" 220
DraftSite's comments:"I feel confident about this pick. Even if Dwight leaves, Nicholson will be a scorer and fill in that void." -Eli Weinstein
20 Denver Evan Fournier SF France 6' 7" 190
21 Boston Jared Sullinger** PF Ohio State 6' 9" 261
DraftSite's comments:"If Garnett comes back, Sullinger will learn a lot from him. He'll be a great mentor like when he made Glen Davis cry" -Awab Habib
22 Boston Trade Icon Fab Melo** C Syracuse 7' 0" 265
DraftSite's comments:"Fab Melo is going to be fabulous. The Celtics are going to win the championship." -Christian Booker
23 Atlanta John Jenkins* SG Vanderbilt 6' 4" 215
24 Dallas Trade Icon Jared Cunningham* SG Oregon State 6' 4" 194
DraftSite's comments:"Going to be a good guard for us. Trading Zeller for three picks was a good trade. Gives us more offense. Little nervous about The Jet and Kidd leaving, but this helps settles those concerns." -Bradley Lewis
25 Memphis Tony Wroten*** SG Washington 6' 5" 206
DraftSite's comments:He's going to do great with O.J. Mayo. Still not going to go far in playoffs but we're Memphis. We're the shiz." -Nick Gudzak
26 Indiana Miles Plumlee PF Duke 6' 10" 240
DraftSite's comments:"Satisfied" -Steven Kays
27 Miami Arnett Moultrie PF Mississippi State 6' 11" 235
DraftSite's comments:"We came here for him. Very excited. A+. Stacking up now. Can afford to lose Hawes and Brand cause they are set down low." -Scott & Tom
28 Oklahoma City Perry Jones III** PF Baylor 6' 11" 225
DraftSite's comments:"I thought it was a really good pick; a steal. Really surprised he fell that far. Think he fits well." -John Lisella
29 Chicago Marquis Teague*** PG Kentucky 6' 2" 175
DraftSite's comments:"I would have much rather had Doron Lamb. Why do we need a 4th point guard. Needed a guard that could shoot. Made no sense." -Joe Carbonara
30 Golden State Trade Icon Festus Ezeli C Vanderbilt 6' 11" 255

Round 2

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31 Charlotte Jeff Taylor SG Vanderbilt 6' 7" 210
32 Washington Tomas Satoransky SG Czech Republic 6' 7" 185
33 Dallas Trade Icon Bernard James PF Florida State 6' 10" 240
34 Dallas Trade Icon Jae Crowder SF Marquette 6' 6" 225
35 Golden State Trade Icon Draymond Green SF Michigan State 6' 6" 235
36 Indiana Trade Icon Orlando Johnson SG UC Santa Barbara 6' 5" 205
37 Toronto Quincy Acy SF Baylor 6' 7" 225
38 Denver Trade Icon Quincy Miller*** PF Baylor 6' 8" 200
39 Detroit Khris Middleton* SF Texas A&M 6' 7" 215
40 Portland Trade Icon Will Barton** SG Memphis 6' 6" 170
41 New Jersey Trade Icon Tyshawn Taylor PG Kansas 6' 3" 180
42 Milwaukee Doron Lamb** SG Kentucky 6' 4" 185
43 Atlanta Trade Icon Mike Scott PF Virginia 6' 8" 242
44 Detroit Trade Icon Kim English SG Missouri 6' 6" 200
45 Miami Trade Icon Justin Hamilton* C LSU 6' 11" 260
46 New Orleans Trade Icon Darius Miller SF Kentucky 6' 7" 223
47 Utah Kevin Murphy SG Tennessee Tech 6' 7" 185
48 New York Kostas Papanikolaou SF Greece 6' 8" 230
49 Orlando Kyle O'Quinn C Norfolk State 6' 10" 240
50 Denver Izzet Turkyilmaz C Turkey 7' 1" 211
51 Boston Kris Joseph SF Syracuse 6' 7" 207
52 Golden State Trade Icon Ognjen Kuzmic C Bosnia and Herzegovina 7' 1" 241
53 LA Clippers Furkan Aldemir PF Turkey 6' 10" 220
54 New Jersey Trade Icon Tornike Shengelia PF Belgium 6' 9"
55 Dallas Trade Icon Darius Johnson-Odom SG Marquette 6' 2" 215
56 Toronto Trade Icon Tomislav Zubcic PF Croatia 7' 0" 210
57 New Jersey Trade Icon Ilkan Karaman SF Turkey 6' 9" 236
58 Minnesota Trade Icon Robbie Hummel SF Purdue 6' 8" 210
59 San Antonio Marcus Denmon SG Missouri 6' 3" 185
60 LA Lakers Trade Icon Robert Sacre C Gonzaga 7' 0" 247

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