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2017 NBA Mock Draft

2017 NBA Draft - June 23rd, 2017 @ 2:00 AM

Version 5 - Published: Jan. 5, 2017 at 7:50 am (ET)

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Round Pick   Team Player Position School Height WeightComments
Boston Trade Icon Markelle Fultz *** PGWashington6' 5"190Boston is playing with house money getting the #1 pick from Brooklyn and I do not see any scenario where Fultz is not the #1 pick. Fultz is good enough to play off ball or run their 2nd unit when Isaiah Thomas is not on the court and he will help them out immediately. The Celtics still need a rim protector to pair next to Horford, but this is not the time to get one as Fultz is a near lock for the #1 pick this early in the season.
Philadelphia Josh Jackson *** SFKansas6' 8"205Jackson is not an ideal player for the new-look Sixers but again I do not see a scenario where he does not go #2. Jackson is just such a good basketball player overall and his athleticism is unmatched. He will be great in transition from the start and a lock down defender that already raises his ceiling to a first team defender. If he gains any sort of consistency with his jumper, watch out. And Jackson is such a competitor that I cannot bet against him becoming a formidable knock down shooter eventually in the pros.
Miami Jonathan Isaac *** PFFlorida State6' 10"210After now having seen 3 plus months of Isaac, I can say that he is much further along than I expected. With a ceiling similar to last year's #2 pick Brandon Ingram, I may go as far to say that Isaac is already more polished. And having the extra 2 inches reaffirms to me that even if he cannot transition to the NBA 3 right away, he should have no problem putting up consistent numbers as a stretch 4 from day one. Imagining him next to Whiteside is a fantasy and as loaded as this draft is, Isaac may be the player with the highest ceiling out of all prospects. Watch out for him challenging Jackson for the #2 pick as long as Isaac does not hit any freshmen wall and continues to show explosiveness.
Phoenix Jayson Tatum *** SFDuke6' 8"205Tatum, the mid-range killer is sort of like TJ Warren but with more athletic ability and defensive upside. This is the first challenging pick as it is hard to see the direction the Suns are trying to move in. After being in the top half of the draft for the better part of the last decade, Phoenix has a plethora of pieces but none really to build around. Devin Booker is a nice, young complementary player, but so far in 2016 he has shown that he is more of a 2nd or 3rd scoring option off of catch and shoot opportunities rather than a isolation creator for himself. Tatum is just a safe pick here and someone who will definitively score and defend at the next level. This pick may become clearer, barring that the Suns stay put at 4, as the Suns move pieces like Brandon Knight or Eric Bledsoe before the trade deadline. If they do move on from one or both guards, Lonzo Ball or Dennis Smith could easily be the pick here.
Dallas Dennis Smith *** PGNC State6' 2"195Coming into the season, I was really high on Dennis Smith as I thought his athletic ability was the closest thing to Zach Lavine and Russell Westbrook that we have seen in recent drafts. Smith has shown us glimpses of his athletic talent in tomahawk jams and alley-oop highlights but his athleticism does not pop out in the halfcourt game. Surprisingly enough, 3 point shooting was his only glaring weakness coming into the season and he has proven to be able to knock down shots at a reasonable rate but I am lower on him more now than before the season. The reason, Smith seems highly unmotivated as a defender and complacent as a scorer at times and this is something that needs to be critically analyzed in the second half of the college season. If he buys in on both sides of the court, look for Smith to climb back up to the top of the draft.
Minnesota Harry Giles *** PFDuke6' 10"240This is a total upside pick and the 6th pick is where I can see Giles coming off the board. We have not seen much from Giles on the college level yet for Duke, but all he has to do is stay healthy for a full season while just staying in the rotation for the very deep Blue Devils for a team in this range to take a chance on him. Giles was the #1 recruit from this class for a reason and someone will draft him based upon his early high school and AAU career prior to the two knee injuries. Giles is perfect for the new Space-And-Pace NBA and fits in well next to Towns and their young core. Watch out for this team in 2017-18, regardless if Giles makes an immediate impact. But if and when Giles becomes comfortable and gains confidence, this T-Wolves team will be able to take it to the next level even after a disappointing season so far in 2016.
Philadelphia Trade Icon Malik Monk *** SGKentucky6' 3"200After drafting Jackson who is far from an ideal fit next to Simmons and Embiid, Monk is the perfect off ball scoring threat the sixers need to acquire through the draft. If Simmons really does run the point like Coach Brett Brown has stated, Monk could play off ball while guarding opposing point guards which would be best due to his lack of length. With a jaw-dropping pull up game and an effortless form from 3, Monk at worse is a JR Smith type of instant scorer off the bench that the Sixers deeply need.
New Orleans Frank Ntilikina PGFrance6' 5"190Ntilikina has surprised scouts with his improved jump shooting and passing ability. His defense though that was such a strong strength in past years of scouting, has started to come into question as Ntilikina's lack of lateral speed reminds too many scouts of Dante Exum. Ntilikina will ultimately be the boom-or-bust prospect in this draft and hopefully he participates in this year's Nike Hoop Summit to provide some more clarity on how he stacks up against NBA talent.
Denver Lonzo Ball *** PGUCLA6' 6"190The ever-so-exciting Lonzo Ball has knocked down 3's at an impressive rate so far. Still, with his long release I cannot see him consistently being able to get off shots and this truly has been his only way so far to put the basket in the hoop. Denver is like Phoenix where they have numerous pieces but none necessarily to build around, so I can see them taking someone like Ball even though they just drafted Emanuel Mudiay to run the point. In all draft scenarios, Ball will not fall past 9 because he has done nothing but impress on the college level and has UCLA near the top of the top 25.
Portland OG Anunoby ** SFIndiana6' 8"235Anunoby may not be a 3-and-D prospect yet but he definitely has solidified the defensive component already. Realistically being able to guard 1-3 at ease even at the next level, if Anunoby can become a consistent jump shooter he will be a very good pro for a very long time.
Detroit Miles Bridges *** SFMichigan State6' 7"230It is a shame Bridges got hurt because he was really putting on a show for Michigan State. Unfortunately for his draft odds though, his injury lessens the time that scouts have to see if his jump shot can be an NBA tool. With a 57% free throw rate, scouts will most likely see his jump shot not transferring to the next level but for his sake his athletic potential will get him drafted in the lottery no matter what. Another highly competitive prospect, Bridges is someone you can take a chance on that he will put in the time to improve his shooting mechanics and become a well-rounded pro.
Orlando De'Aaron Fox *** PGKentucky6' 3"175Fox is fast and can defend and that alone has gotten him by at the college level. Fortunately for him, it is just important if not more to lock down opposing point guards in the NBA as it is in college. Fox is a warrior and will make the Chris Pauls and Steph Currys of the world play 94 feet which cannot be said about some starting lead guards in the league. Without a jumper, think a plus Patrick Beverley which to me is still a very good basketball player.
Washington Isaiah Hartenstein CGermany6' 11"245The big German is the 2nd international prospect off the board but the 1st real questionable call. Having not seen too much of him, I am told he is a new wave center who can knock down mid range jumpers and also defend the rim at a moderate level. At 13, this is where the draft opens up and is a spot Hartenstein could hear his name called.
New York Lauri Markkanen *** PFArizona7' 0"230Markkanen is one of the fastest risers and he has many scouts watching him closely. Porzingis is actually a solid comp of Markkanen that obviously tends to lean closer to his ceiling than his floor. Both players though are part of the new wave of bigs in the league and I believe that they would be able to play off of each other because they both are so versatile of scorers. The only problem would be on the defensive side where Markkanen would likely be asked to guard the perimeter which he will have to do regardless if he wants to stay in the league.
Sacramento Terrance Ferguson SGAustralia6' 7"185Ferguson is over in Australia playing professionally which is a route that in my opinion, locks a prospect in place in terms of draft rankings. We have seen it with Brandon Jennings and Emanuel Mudiay, when prospects elect to turn pro overseas instead of college, they may not have the opportunity to rise up the board but they also do not drop significantly. That is why the late lottery to the late first is a good range for Ferguson to come off the board. He has all the ability in the world as a scorer and the Kings will be the team who will try and unlock all of his talent that has not been seen on the main stage.
Chicago Ivan Rabb ** PFCal6' 10"220Rabb drops as he could have very well been a top 8 pick in last year's draft. In the mold of Bobby Portis/Taj Gibson, Rabb is another 4 who the Bulls have selected in the past. His bounce and ability to run from rim-to-rim will set him up for success in the NBA and now at 16 we are beginning to see teams just take the best prospect available.
Indiana TJ Leaf *** PFUCLA6' 10"225Leaf just seems like an old-school Pacer. One of my favorite college players this season, I do not know if he will come out this year but if he does he has the chance to be a solid pro. Maybe not a starter in this league but Leaf will be a quality role player who could theoretically play next to Myles Turner.
Milwaukee Kostja Mushidi SGGermany6' 5"205Belgian Baller who reminds me of a bigger and more polished Timothe Luwawu, who the Sixers drafted at 24 in last year's draft.
Atlanta Tyler Lydon ** SFSyracuse6' 9"220A forward tweener who is a better college player than pro. Lydon knows how to play and fits into a Hawks team that is surrounded by players who work the ball around well in the half court game.
Charlotte Frank Jackson *** PGDuke6' 3"215Off ball guard who can play next to Kemba and not step on his feet. The Hornets have taken the next step this season and just need some complimentary scoring options other than Kemba to compete for a 2 or 3 spot in the East in 2017-18.
Brooklyn Trade Icon Rodions Kurucs SFLatvia6' 8"190Latvian wing who is a jack-of-all trades yet still very much so an unknown to many NBA scouts.
Denver Trade Icon Grayson Allen * SGDuke6' 5"205A bonafide scorer who has taken a step back this year and has continued to be a knucklehead. Allen is a scorer that someone will try and unleash in the league and is a surprisingly plus athlete as well.
Oklahoma City Bam Adebayo *** PFKentucky6' 10"255Exciting, bull-in-the-China-Shop type of player. Not tall enough or skilled enough to succeed right away in the pros but his energy will eventually get him by one day. Think of a bigger Kenneth Faried but less impactful on the glass.
Utah Jarrett Allen *** CTexas6' 11"224Lengthy Center who was a highly ranked recruit for the Longhorns but has been sort of underwhelming. If he declares, still will most likely go in the first round.
Toronto Trade Icon Josh Hart SGVillanova6' 5"205The favorite for Player of the Year, Hart has proven he can knock down pull up jumpers and consistenly hit 3's. Love him as a player and feel as if a competitive team at the end of the first round will look to take Hart and give him rotational minutes from day 1.
Toronto Johnathan Motley * PFBaylor6' 9"230Stretch 4 for the highly ranked Baylor Bears that is just now on the NBA radar.
Houston Edmond Sumner ** PGXavier6' 5"185Xavier guard who is a score-first point guard who may be best off the bench in the NBA playing the 2 in smaller lineups. Sumner feels like a Mike D'Antoni type of guard who plays fast and can score in a James Harden-less second unit.
Cleveland Jonathan Jeanne CFrance7' 2"195Jeanne has been a highly touted international prospects for awhile because of his sheer size but has begun to fall in recent mock drafts. Based on his 7'2" frame alone, Jeanne will not fall out of the 1st if he choses to declare.
San Antonio Robert Williams *** PFTexas A&M6' 9"237Under-the-radar freshmen prospect who is contributing for a Texas A&M team that needs additional scoring that they lost from last year's team.
Utah Trade Icon Luke Kennard ** SGDuke6' 5"200Kennard would look good next to Gordon Hayward and Geord Hill as they are all just great, fundamental players. Kennard is another Player of the Year contender who has continue to rise and I believe by June will ultimately be picked before teammate Grayson Allen.
Atlanta Trade Icon Hamidou Diallo SGKentucky6' 5"190
New Orleans Trade Icon Omer Yurtseven *** CGeorgetown7' 0"245
Memphis Trade Icon Thomas Bryant ** PFIndiana6' 10"255
Phoenix Jaron Blossomgame SFClemson6' 7"220
Dallas Marques Bolden *** CDuke6' 11"245
Boston Trade Icon Jawun Evans ** PGOklahoma State6' 1"177
LA Lakers Rawle Alkins *** SGArizona6' 4"225
New Orleans DJ Hogg ** SFTexas A&M6' 8"220
Houston Trade Icon Nigel Hayes PFWisconsin6' 8"240
Houston Trade Icon LaGerald Vick ** SGKansas6' 5"180
Philadelphia Trade Icon Devonte' Graham * PGKansas6' 2"175
Orlando Malik Pope * PFSan Diego State6' 9"220
Washington Cameron Oliver ** PFNevada6' 8"225
New York Alpha Kaba PFFrance6' 10"220
Sacramento Terry Larrier ** SGUConn6' 8"195
New York Trade Icon Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk SGKansas6' 8"191
Indiana V.J. Beachem SFNotre Dame6' 8"200
Milwaukee Wenyen Gabriel *** SFKentucky6' 9"200
San Antonio Trade Icon Luke Kornet CVanderbilt7' 1"250
Charlotte Alec Peters SFValparaiso6' 9"230
Brooklyn Trade Icon Justin Jackson * SFUNC6' 8"200
Denver Trade Icon Chris Boucher SFOregon6' 10"200
Denver Trade Icon Allonzo Trier ** SGArizona6' 5"199
Utah Dillon Brooks * SFOregon6' 7"225
Boston Trade Icon Caleb Swanigan ** PFPurdue6' 9"250
Toronto Isaiah Briscoe ** PGKentucky6' 3"218
Houston Kennedy Meeks CUNC6' 9"280
Boston Trade Icon Monte Morris PGIowa State6' 3"175
San Antonio James Blackmon Jr. * SGIndiana6' 4"195
Utah Trade Icon Kris Jenkins SFVillanova6' 6"240

* = Junior, ** = Sophomore, *** = Freshman

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