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Oklahoma City Thunder

Draft Year:


Perry Jones III

  • Country

    United States

  • Height

    6' 11"

  • Weight


  • School


  • Scouting Report

    Offense Strengths -As long, athletic and versatile of a player as there is o Gets buckets as a result of this combination - Excellent in the high post as a passer o Understands angles - Can shoot the mid-range jumper with equal ease: o On the catch o Off the bounce - Solid mechanics on jumper (need reinforcement through reps) - Can start the fastbreak by himself o Leads it at times - Takes high percentage shots - Extremely fluid with and without the ball - Has noticeably improved his effort when attempting to corral offensive rebounds o Boxes out more now instead of just going for the ball - Good screener; uses his body well Weaknesses - Should be a much more dominant force on the interior, given his size, length, and athleticism o Too reliant on these abilities - Lacks true low post game - Does not have go-to moves - Doesn’t use left hand when necessary - Consistency and range on jumper are very improvable - Strength Defense Strengths - Can guard multiple positions o Potential value is scary high - Combination of length, height, and athleticism is extremely rare Weaknesses - Lacks focus and effort at times, especially when rebounding, and as a result his numbers are less than stellar - Foul trouble - Strength - Shot blocking is not at the level that it should be at - Not sure about understanding of man-to-man principles o Baylor plays primarily zone defenses Coming into college as a highly regarded player oozing with upside, Perry Jones is the prototypical prospect whose upside and potential far outweighs his current production...