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  • 6' 4"


  • 195


  • 2014



  • Offense


    - Assertive
    o Misses aren’t a cause for concern
    - Is an extension of the head coach—very high basketball IQ
    - Good size and length for position
    - Fast but under control
    - NBA range on jump shot and
    - Strong mid-range pull-up
    - Floater game in arsenal and used regularly from all angles


    - Struggles with decision making process
    o 3.8 asts to 3.4 TO/per game
    - Volume shooter who looks for shot before getting teammates involved too much at times
    o Needs double digit shot opportunities to be fully effective and as a result cannot be considered a true point guard yet
    - Settles for the deep ball too often
    - Lacks creative passing ability when attacking
    - Finishing ability is questionable
    o Has trouble finishing over length
    o Trouble finishing with left hand
    o Explosiveness



    - Contests shots
    - Strength
    - Above average length


    - Limited athletically
    o Lacks explosiveness
    - Needs to give more consistent effort
    - Gets caught up in screens

    Thrust into the John Wall-vacated point guard position at Kentucky and therefore running Coach John Calipari’s vaunted dribble drive offense, the results have been mostly mixed for point guard Brandon Knight. A completely different player than Wall, Knight relies primarily on his scoring prowess to open up other avenues in his game. More of a shoot first point guard, Knight is certainly at his best when his perimeter jumper is falling because it allows him to use that as leverage against the defender, allowing him to blow by his man if he plays him too close or shoot the open deep ball when the defender plays off of him. This season Knight has notched double digit shot attempts in all but one of UK’s games and has scored 20+ point an impressive nine times—certainly an impressive feat.

    However, despite his scoring prowess, Knight leaves much to be desired in terms of being a playmaking point guard, as he hasn’t proven that he is a well informed decision maker with the basketball, which 3.8 asts/3.4 TO per game illustrates quite well. Still, there aren’t many guards who possess the size, speed, and scoring ability at the offensive end combined with great length and potential at the defensive end. In a draft that lacks potential dominant performers, Knight is somewhat of the epitome and should hop off the board in the middle of the first round.


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  • 02/18/2015
  • Milwaukee to Phoenix: Brandon Knight

    Philadelphia to Milwaukee: Michael Carter-Williams

    Phoenix to Milwaukee: Miles Plumlee, Tyler Ennis

    Phoenix to Philadelphia: 1st Rnd ('17)