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Perry Jones III



  • 6' 11


  • 225


  • 2014



  • Offense


    -As long, athletic and versatile of a player as there is
    o Gets buckets as a result of this combination
    - Excellent in the high post as a passer
    o Understands angles
    - Can shoot the mid-range jumper with equal ease:
    o On the catch
    o Off the bounce
    - Solid mechanics on jumper (need reinforcement through reps)
    - Can start the fastbreak by himself
    o Leads it at times
    - Takes high percentage shots
    - Extremely fluid with and without the ball
    - Has noticeably improved his effort when attempting to corral offensive rebounds
    o Boxes out more now instead of just going for the ball
    - Good screener; uses his body well


    - Should be a much more dominant force on the interior, given his size, length, and athleticism
    o Too reliant on these abilities
    - Lacks true low post game
    - Does not have go-to moves
    - Doesn’t use left hand when necessary
    - Consistency and range on jumper are very improvable
    - Strength



    - Can guard multiple positions
    o Potential value is scary high
    - Combination of length, height, and athleticism is extremely rare


    - Lacks focus and effort at times, especially when rebounding, and as a result his numbers are less than stellar
    - Foul trouble
    - Strength
    - Shot blocking is not at the level that it should be at
    - Not sure about understanding of man-to-man principles
    o Baylor plays primarily zone defenses

    Coming into college as a highly regarded player oozing with upside, Perry Jones is the prototypical prospect whose upside and potential far outweighs his current production. Standing nearly 6-11 with a wiry frame, freakish athleticism, the natural ability to handle the ball in the open floor, Jones has all of the raw tools that NBA GM’s salivate over. As far as his production on the court, he has been a key factor for Baylor, appears to be learning as the season goes on, and has strung together his best performances in Big 12 conference play.

    With that being said, consistency has by far and away been the biggest cause for concern for the freshman. Jones has had ups and downs at both ends of the floor and sometimes fails to cease the moment when he should. Some say that he’s unselfish and still learning the game, but whatever the reason, he has mentally taken himself out of games at times, and that development alone has to worry scouts and decision makers at the next level. In a year where there is no clear-cut pick and there also simply aren’t so many “upside” guys, Jones could be the biggest beneficiary.

    --Ed Isaacson


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