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  • December 10, 1996


  • 6' 4"


  • 216


  • Pros:

    1. Arm Accuracy:

    Burrows accuracy is special to say the least. He makes throws into windows that you didn't even think were there. He made wide receivers better. He made defensive backs look worse. I hate to use a players best game tape, to explain him as a prospect, but the Oklahoma game the man could do no wrong. Every throw was on the money, and you could tell his receivers were even surprised when the ball would hit them right in the hands at times. His accuracy is the portion of his game that I feel will translate the best to the NFL. Quarterbacks with elite accuracy make receivers better, Manning did it, Brady did it, so many greats have taken below average weapons and made them look 100x better than their talent is. Thats a skill I see in Burrow when watching him, and its the skill that makes him a no brainer for any team needing a quarterback!

    2. Decision Making: 

    Decision making is something almost all young players, let alone quarterbacks struggle with when transitioning to the league. Thats not the case for Burrow, you can seem him survey the field when in the pocket, and out and watch him go through all his options. With a man with his aggressive play style and just overall fiery personality, usually poor decision making comes with it. Burrow is just such a mature thrower of the football and works so hard at winning football and he knows taking care of the football goes along way at accomplishing that. 


    3. Out of Pocket Play:

    When the inside part of any o-line collapses and a quarterback has to roll out of the pocket it can mean chaos for some fans and quarterback. Theres a handful of quarterbacks though when they roll out of the pocket their football IQ, field presence, and just overall throwing skills are heightened. When I watch Burrow out of the pocket it reminds me so much of Aaron Rodgers! Does Burrow possess the same arm strength as Rodgers, no way! But the thing he does possess is the ability to make magic out of nowhere like Rodgers.

    4. Football IQ

    Burrow's IQ oozes out of his play. With every motion, with every throw, with every defender he reads from the line of scrimmage, you see his IQ taking over. Burrows mind controls his game and that is so important when you're scouting him. A lot of prospects do the same they just don't have the IQ of Burrow to do at such a high level. His IQ will help his team be bettered prepared for any defenses that will be thrown at them. They will start to see defense the way he sees it. This also adds to him being the perfect leader for a rebuilding team. 


    5. Aggression:

    Burrows aggression comes out on and off the field. He is a fiery quarterback and has a fiery personality. These Characteristics translate well to being a leader on and off the field. Burrow is the perfect guy to have leading your team down 5 with 2 minuets left. Burrow has full confidence in himself and the 10 guys with him. Even the 2 minute drills he loses it will be apparent that he left all he had on the field. His personality is also the perfect compliment to come in and show a team that doesn't have a culture of winning, that he's willing to be that leader and bring his confidence and aggression on the field to the locker room and be the captain they need. 


    1. Arm Strength 

    Every year of the draft process the quarterback with the elite arm strength gets a lot of attention. It's apart of the game that you cant usually mold once you get into the league, you either have it or you don't. Burrow doesn't have that elite arm strength. Now I do believe he has enough to make any NFL throw at a high rate, but he doesn't have the arm strength of Aaron Rodgers, Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes ex. Burrow may struggle at times in the league with deep accuracy just because the expectation in the NFL is to complete the deep ball plays at a high rate. Those are the plays that get the most attention by media, and by fans. Burrows arm strength is more comparable to a Tony Romo or a Matt Ryan than those elite guys. Romo had a lot of success in his years in the league, and he possessed one of the prettiest looking deep balls I've watched in my life. Matt Ryan won an MVP in this league without being in the top tier of Arm strength. 

    2. Age

    Burrow is 23 years old will turn 24 before his rookie season concludes. That is older than your usual rookie quarterback. Tua is 21 years old, Herbert is 21 years old, Jordan Love is also 21 years old, being older can be a positive and a negative thing in the league. When you compare a 23 year old rookie to a 21 year old rookie you start to think how many years you're getting out of each. The common thought is that the younger QB will last longer in the league than the older. Burrow could have a shorter career because of his age than the other top QB prospects in this draft the question you must ask is the quality you get with Burrow better than the quantity you may get with the younger QB prospects available?

    3. One year of Production

    Burrows college story, isn't that of the normal quarterback prospect to say the least. He started at Ohio State in 2015 attended there till 2017 playing minimal snaps under center. He transferred to LSU in 2018 and played in 13 games and didn't put up the the stats to wow a person. Then the 2019 season came along, and Joe Brady joined the LSU staff. Burrow's 2019 seasons was one for the history books a season that people will remember for decades and decades to come. Now the problem with that is, can you put the faith of your franchise and give the keys to it to a guy with only one year of real production. The question also can be asked if the production was more on the development of Burrow, or if it was on the addition to Joe Brady to the LSU passing game. If his system and his coaching deserves most of the credit.

    Player Comparisons:

    Floor: Andy Dalton

    Ceiling: A more mobile Matt Ryan


    - Destin Adams- 

    Twitter: @destin_adams14


  • Stats:

    College Career: 2015 (RS) - 2020

     Schools: Ohio State (2015-2017), Lousianna State University (2018-2020)

    Completions: 650

    Attempts: 945

    Completion Perctange: 68.8

    Passing Yards: 8,852

    Touchdows: 78

    Interceptions: 11


    Ohio State Career: 

    Completions: 29

    Attempts: 39

    Completion Perctange: 74.4

    Passing Yards: 287

    Touchdows: 2

    Interceptions: 0


    Louisanna State University Career: 

    Completions: 621

    Attempts: 906

    Completion Perctange: 68.5

    Passing Yards: 8565

    Touchdows: 76

    Interceptions: 11


    2019-2020 Season Stats & Accolades: 

    Completions: 402

    Attempts: 527

    Completion Percentage: 76.8

    Passing Yards: 5,671

    Touchdowns: 60 

    Interceptions: 6

    Awards:  College Football Playoff National Champion 2020, Manning Award, Davey O'Brien Award, Heisman Trophey



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