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  • 6' 2"


  • 225



  • Strengths: The quarterback position in the 2017 NFL Draft is a complete toss up. Trubisky is viewed by many as the top player at the position. He's a very accurate passer and looks comfortable on the field. At UNC, Trubisky started just one season but was able to break the school record for single-season passing yards and touchdowns. He also led the nation in completion percentage at close to 70%. Trubisky has the ability to throw from the pocket and also does a good job of extending plays with his legs. He often was able to convert big plays because of his ability to work outside the pocket. In the NFL, Trubisky will fit best in an offense that relies on quick short passes. He is the most NFL-ready quarterback in this years pool. Weaknesses: No real reason to sugar coat it, Trubisky is raw. He was unable to beat out Marquise Williams (Undrafted in 2016 and currently a free agent) for the starting job in 2015, which resulted in him starting just one season at UNC. Learning to read defenses and pre-snap adjustments might be the biggest learning curve for him at the next level. Scouts and NFL front offices are going to dissect his year at UNC and see that he also lacks the ability to push the ball downfield and might not be able to make all the throws. He doesn't fit into every offensive scheme because of his lack of arm strength. NFL Comparison: Alex Smith Written by Rob Michels



Mitch Trubisky Finished the 2016-17 college season with a completion rating of 70.6% and is the best in the country. He threw over 3000 yards last season. The niners are my favorite team in the NFL and I love Colin Kaepernick but Kap is 95% gonna leave the niners. In that case they will need a QB. Mitch Trubisky has one of the strongest arms ever for a QB. That is exactly why they should draft him. I would compare him to Matthew Stafford.


Published on February 05, 2017 at 1:48 AM (ET)

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Published on February 05, 2017 at 1:37 AM (ET)

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Mitchell Trubisky