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Sheldrick Redwine



  • 6' 1"


  • 195


  • 2019




Redwine not only has a phenomenal name, but he's also an awesome safety prospect. Great speed and quickness. Burst to fly around and make plays. Terrific closing speed helps him pursue a play and finish a tackle. Excellent height and length helps him in pass coverage and against the run. Great open field tackler that never attempts high tackles. Aims low, whether it be the ankles or hips. Solid ball skills. Most of his picks have come from jumping routes in zone coverage. Has athleticism to play in man coverage out of the slot. Very versatile. Plays with good leverage in the box. Avoids blocks that are unnecessary to take on. Easily changes directions and can flip hips like a corner. Has corner potential! Leads body into area of ball carrier where he can generate forced fumbles. Underrated trait. Lots of potential in coverage. Slim, wiry frame. Not overly physical. Rarely lays a huge hit. Good tackler but not a "stopper". Absorbs some of the contact when tackling and resorts to drag down attempt instead of driving through. Can take some bad angles to the ball. Inconsistent instincts and recognition skills in both zone coverage and run defense. Not a stupid player or anything but isn't seeing a ton of plays before they happen. Man coverage technique has room to improve. Needs to learn to use positioning better and turn to find the ball. Redwine is a very underrated safety out of Miami and he might be better than his teammate Jaquan Johnson. He's extremely versatile as he can play FS or SS. Better fit at FS which teams should like anyway. Has range and ability to play single high in C1 or C3 schemes but can also man up receivers and TE's in the slot with his size and quickness. Burst and closing speed makes him an ideal candidate for a Safety blitz too. Should be all over the field on sundays and can probably use his energy on special teams too. Teams that can over look his lean frame and lack of supreme physicality should see a talented chess piece on defense that can be an early starter at FS. Should go on Day 2 and has potential to be a pro bowler in my eyes if he is coached up and used properly by a DC.


Published on February 03, 2019 at 7:01 PM (ET)

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