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Chicago Blackhawks 2003 nhl DRAFT PICKS

Chicago Blackhawks

Draft Year:



Team Needs: G, LW, C, D, RW

Three Stanley Cups, multiple Cap crunches, and only one fortunate early #3 pick last year due to a lottery win, and an 8th overall the year before, the Blackhawks had been relegated to selecting in the 20's except for one 18th overall, or not at all, after using their picks to bolster their post season chances. Their play-in victory against Edmonton moved them from the 10th overall spot to slot #17. Their goaltending fix is somewhat temporary, asking Corey Crawford to stay as starter until they solve the problem as the team retools on the fly. There are no assurances that Conor Delia, Malcolm Subban, Kevin Lanktinen, or Matt Tomkins possess the chops to carry an NHL workload. At slot #10, they would have been second guessed at selecting Yaroslav Askarov. Not so, if by some miracle lasts until #17. This organization would like to get bigger by drafting potential power scoring forwards, scoring forwards, and a solid big defender who can eventual project to the mid-pair and would augment the group of new age defenders they are about to develop as their new defensive core. They like good hands, quick feet, high end IQ, and a bit of size and grit would be icing on the cake. --Bill Placzek--