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  • March 2, 1998


  • 6' 1"


  • 178


  • Right



  • Brother of William and son of Micheal is a speedy offensive wing with a high skill set, great vision and excellent offensive instincts. I went into this season thinking of him as I do many hockey siblings - same bloodline but far less talent and drive. My opinion was based on his awkward skating stride and lack of high end speed. He had high-end offensive instincts, exceptionally soft hands and puck handling skills, but just didn’t display the wheels and compete to complete the portrait. He must have committed to improving his feet and has clearly shown he can generate the attack and make teammates better. He may never reach his brother skill set, but is unselfish to a fault, and strong competitor. He has a really quick shot, but his soft hands make him a brilliant set up artist. He generates chances because he reads situations well, and quickly reacts with precise passes through traffic. As a scorer, he will raise you from your seat with his accurate blistering shot. When his team has possession in the offensive zone, he will find the crack of open space in coverage and surprise with an accurate shot of the pass. His new found quick feet and balance add to his agility and stop/start ability. He always was a player who was good East to West and who was ultra shifty with the puck. Was also a player who hadn’t had to buy in to doing the little things like frequenting the boards and engaging in strong puck battles as if it wasn't where he saw his role. He is now quicker, more dynamic and possible the most skilled player in the draft. The question is about commitment and progression.

    —Bill Placzek—


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