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  • October 3, 2001


  • 6' 2"


  • 181


  • Left


  • Well-rounded Finn centre with good vision, puckhandling savvy and ability to make the soft pass. Not flashy, just effective. Plays on both the power play and penalty-kill. Will disrupt the opposition's breakouts by setting himself on a collision course right at them. He plays the point on the PP. Although not the high end magic handed stickhandler that has redefined the present era, he is really strong in so many other areas, like in dot, his strong skating stride, and his positioning. His skating continues to improve, but needs to add leg strength. Good balance on his pins for his sturdy build, and displays good edge work, with the pace increasing with each stride. Is strong on the puck and on his stick and plays like a big man all over the sheet. Moves well laterally, utilizes the push'em back entry, where he sends the puck backward and then finds a soft spot down low. Playing in a grown man’s league, he continues to be force down low using his powerful stride to maintain possession plowing through defenders in the attack areas, creating space for his team. Very smart reliable player in all areas Gets his whole body leaning into his shot. Will crash the front, and has a fireball of a shot he releases from the point. Although he will be compared in his present unpolished form as a lesser light to Kotkaniemi or other larger Finns, he already has a heavy shot and is responsible in his end, and can dominate down low as he continues growing his game. An elbow injury earlier this month had him projected to miss six weeks. 

    --Bill Placzek--


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William Karlsson (DraftSite)

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