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  • September 16, 1999


  • 6' 3"


  • 192


  • Left



  • May be the best of the second generation players since than Brett Hull; he usually leads his team whether it be BU, or Team USA in all phases, but can be counted on to be a consistent physical presence. The nicest kid you would ever want to meet off the ice, but transforms when he skates onto the ice. He refuses to let up or stop being physically involved. He has great balance and solid skating abilities. Possess decent speed and agility. He showed his ability in the World Junior U-20 where he won puck battle after puck battle and set up a number of big goals, notable late-game tying and winning goals in the round robin against both Canada and Slovakia. Combines his long stride with very good stick-handling prowess and long reach. He is able to make time for linemates with his possessions. Extremely creative and shows finesse in his set ups, but more importantly his demeanor is such that he takes the responsibility of winning on his shoulders. He has a high upside, not a limited ceiling that some suggest. Can dominate down low and between the dots. Retrieves pucks by way of physical checks and honest wall work. There are no warts in his game, and he has shown in college games that he can play and dominate against older more developed young men. He isn't the fastest player from a dead start, but good enough in a straight line to fill holes, block shots, and position himself as a threat in more ways than one. There is no denying by any scout that the offensive skills are there, and will grow. No growth is necessary as a team guy and possible future NHL captain. When he is promoted to the NHL, he will be a plug and play stand alone player who can compete and win, no matter where/who he plays with. He is a player who never quits and wills his team to win through his actions. And boy, does he have some edge!

    —Bill Placzek—


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Matthew Tkachuk (DraftSite)

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