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  • June 17, 1993


  • 6' 3.75


  • 185


  • Right



  • Rising prospect whose physical package and fluid skating ability has put him on the map as a NHL future defender. He is already being compared in ability to many of the early defense picks of past drafts, but at this point, he cannot be seen as their equals. However, his natural athletic abilities and upside are what have so many teams talking about him. He is safely a top-two pair guy, with no ceiling in terms of the defensive position. He could become the guy on defense. His parents are former Olympic athletes. He is a high character kid, and scholastic player of the year. He may just grow into a star of an NHL defense with continued growth and commitment. He was not viewed as an up ice guy when the season started, but as a solid defender, who compares favorably in that aspect with any past drafted defenders. He showed a radical jump in his offensive game, and although he shows a mean streak when you come down in his defensive area, he also is a bit timid when the favor is returned. All this might have jacked him ahead or equal to Adam Larsson at this point. Excellent gap closer who can gain the space that disrupts an opponent's attack and is completely solid in the defensive zone. Can use his size to deliver big hits, and makes that solid first pass. No slouch when letting it rip from the point, where he cannons the biscuit. Far from a poised finished prospect, this lanky drink of water doesn't look out of place against higher competition. He has shown offensive and defensive attributes that cannot be ignored by the NHL staffs. He very well could easily be the top defenseman selected this year, and will definitely be the second if he isn't the first.

    --Bill Placzek



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