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  • September 12, 1999


  • 5' 10"


  • 178


  • Left



  • Undersized player who has the potential to blossom into a true scorer. Very young, but already displays understanding and very good hockey sense and continuing improvement as a 200-foot player. Maybe because some see him as the beneficiary of Kailer Yamamoto's offensive generations, he wasn't even asked to participate in the CHL Top Prospects Game. A good shooter who can accurately hit the upper corners, he fearlessly shoots from unsuspecting positions and angles. Is a player who wants the puck to make things happen, and is driven to forecheck and chase the enemy participants who have it. This five foot ten dynamo is one of the younger players in the draft. An intense forechecker and hard working attacker who seems to be able to hit the top corners of the net from even the most impossible angles. His quick stop/starts push back defenders and give him time and space. Granted, he has had the luxury of playing along side Kailer Yamamoto, but he has earned his way on his line with very strong work ethic, and a reliable 200 foot game. Has terrific acceleration and is light on his edges. Somewhere down the line he has the potential to add true pro scorer next to his mantle as a intense forechecker and defensively aware all-around player. A strong up-and-down worker who has continually improved his defensive awareness as the season progressed. He will be off the board very early on day two of the draft, if he doesn't hear his name called on day one.
    Edge Prep, Calgary, Alberta

    --Bill Placzek--


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