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  • January 13, 2000


  • 6' 1"


  • 194



  • He is the biggest wild card of the draft class. The first 15 year old granted exceptional status to play in the QMJHL and is in his third season in the “Q.” Due to nagging injuries in his second season, his point totals were less than his rookie adjustment season. Draft prognosticators and his St. John Seadogs team were looking for big things this season, but he didn’t seem to be taking a qualitative jump as a dominant scorer. A change of scenery with a trade to Drummondville gave him a bit of a fresh start. Through the middle of March he still hadn’t reached the 20 goal mark but contributed more than 50 assists and has generated offense. No one can argue with his hockey IQ, sense, composure, and poise, or his commitment to being a 200 foot centre. He displays a good strong skating stride, and two step quickness at times. He’s got the size and will to compete. Reads the ice like a vet, can pass off and exchange the puck smoothly. Fearless and tough, he usually keeps an even keel -- but he's not going to be a intimidated. At this point, he's more of an offensive generator than high end scorer. The essential question is whether he has demonstrated elite level offensive skills and shooting ability to projects him as more than a complimentary offensive forward. How much of the exceptional status tag blocks honest evaluation? No matter. Whenever he comes off the board, his new team will be rewarded with “safe” player who will at very least play in the NHL.

    —Bill Placzek—


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