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  • February 25, 2000


  • 6' 0"


  • 162


  • Left



  • Smart three zone playmaker with an abundance of excellent characteristics and tools that point him upward as a solid NHL winger. Presently a six foot lightweight (well under 170lbs) who has high end awareness, terrific shift to shift work ethic, and simply makes plays all over the sheet. Playing against same age competition, he easily grades out as above-average. A strong balanced skater who effectively masks his skating gears. He causes opponents issues when he has the puck and on defense when he has any chance of gaining it back. When he does make things happen, he diagnoses and makes a well laid quick pass to cause sudden momentum changes the other way. His hockey IQ tips the scale in his favor, whether he is playing against a tight defensive opponent, in a fast pace back-and-forth barn stormer, or when things get chippy. A really good penalty killer, and might be on the ice during any situation. Excellent with the puck on his stick, strong and quick to find and use his options. Has a good release; as he gets stronger, I am sure his shot will get heavier. Fearless and relentless attacker, who creates time and space to advance pucks to his linemates or cut through traffic with an accurate surprise shot. Some might argue that being on the USNTDP first line with scorer Oliver Wahlstrom has help him standout, but I think that the argument also works in the opposite direction, as this kid is a non-stop offensive generator who wills wins with his high energy commitment to victory. What teams will have to do is project just where he fits in a pro line-up. Is there upside as the competition ramps up? Or does the team that selects him come away happy they are getting a NHL package, that can be a complimentary piece as opposed to dominant first line force? Committed to Boston University.

    --Bill Placzek


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