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  • January 21, 2001


  • 6' 4"


  • 198


  • Right



  • Got an early taste in the "Dub" when injuries befell the forwards on Saskatoon. Showed off his competitive nature and was able to set up and score goals as a 16 year old. Displays smarts, size, good feet and a 200 foot commitment. Not a speedster, but has a great stick, good feet, and soft hands as a high-end playmaker. Has above average hockey IQ, and can control the pace and the play. Another wing-centre who is very strong on his skates, and a terrific saucer passer. Can move with above average speed while he maintains possession, stutter step and gain the zone. Uses his soft hands to find open line mates when he has the puck, and quickly ghost into quiet, soft areas to receive returns and scoring looks. When watching a guy this big, you think he is going to get held up. But, he seems to keep effortlessly driving the defenders away from the puck with his long reach and staying in motion while he supports the play. He avoids attackers with side-stepping and a quick stick. He follows the action, but the action tends to follow him too. Strong in so many phases of the game already, he is always close to attackers in his end nudging close deterring their advance, and stripping pucks away from them. The stats showed his high frequency in getting back and closing on attackers and snuffing out their passing options and ranked higher than many of Saskatoon defender when it came to picking up defensive zone coverage.  He Is a regular on the PK and PP. I think there is upside as a pro scorer. But many of his goals will continue to come with plays he started where he positioned himself between the circles, stick on the ice, and wasn’t stopped. He is able to read coverages, make sharp cuts, by driving into the turns. His edge work keeps him away from closing traffic, and frequently leaving him uncovered in the dirty areas. Plenty of room to imagine him as blossoming as a scorer as well as set-up guy. Project as a franchise NHL centre, but can be a big wing presence as well. Big guy with big strong wrists, who gets in close and difficult to move out from the front or take the puck away from. It might take time, but no NHL team is going to pass on big man with these tools at both ends.

    --Bill Placzek--


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