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  • January 26, 2001


  • 5' 11"


  • 168


  • Left



  • Spirited competitor with skill and competitiveness. He was the top pick in the Bantam draft. Dynamic game-changing centre-forward with above average skills in all areas. A player who leads by example. Despite not being a big man, he plays a high energy, taking no shifts off. Has a strong defense-zone presence, and battles hard in all three zones and all the gritty areas. Excellent skater with a long stride, who uses his edges and body to separate himself and not get hemmed in. Always has enough room to find his teammates or pick a corner with a hard snapper. Displays terrific vision and feel on the attack. Very good face off man. One of the best in junior at making the right decision of whether to shoot or to pass on every given play. Can no look pass with the best of them. Can play both positions as he ascends to higher levels. A true on-ice leader who gives it all shift after shift. The years of his own work and his families sacrifices have heartbreakingly taken a turn that might send him down the draft boards. After the Pre-Draft Combine in Buffalo, he suffered a partial tear of his Achilles - a skate blade sliced through a cut-proof sock and partially severed his tendon. I honestly in my heart, feel that this is a talent that should get his name called between slots 10 to 14...but this fact may sets him back. We still know little of the extent of how this might affect his physically ability, I have reluctantly dropped him to 21. But IF he even lasts this long is questionable. And any drop may end up being a surprise boom for a team that would have never gotten the chance to select him!

    --Bill Placzek--


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