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  • August 14, 2000


  • 5' 11.25"


  • 168


  • Right



  • Outstanding push attacking defenseman with dynamic speed and agility. High end puck skills and a keen hockey IQ that lets him highlight his offensive gifts. A wild colt that doesn’t hesitate to take on entrance into the attack zone, he somewhat ignores his linemates. Confident he can stickhandle and flash though to start the attack zone looks. Part of his bronco-like behaviors spills out with an attitude that rubs many the wrong way. He has really good vision and is an offensive leader with his carries, passes, and lateral movements -- creating space in the offensive zone. Has little trouble seeing that open man at the other blue line and can thread the needle with the breakaway pass. He is physically strong and aggressive. Really good puck distributer in the attack-zone. Another of the valuable right-handed shooting defenders teams covet. The downside is (as is with so many of the undersized fast and skilled attacking defenseman): he is a liability as defenseman -- pure and simple. It’s not so much that the riverboat gambler mentality is the cause of his defensive shortcomings either. He doesn’t seem to understand coverage or read the attacking teams. He puts himself in many situations were he has to play undisciplined and garnishes unwanted penalties. The scouting staff of team drafting in that third tier range will have to watch tons of tape and decide if the good outweighs the bad. You can teach defense whereas you cannot teach the high end skills he possesses. I am sure the team that selects him will have a scheme to protect him in his end, and move forth from there. Teams must feel comfortable that he eventually starts applying team-building behaviors to his behaviors with others.

    —Bill Placzek—


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