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  • January 15, 2002


  • 5' 11.5"


  • 187


  • Left


  • This German centre-wing is shooting up the draft charts. He is a world class skater who can skate rings around the opposition, quickly turning and twisting through the layers without slowing whether he is out there as a centre or a wing. Very well might be the best laterally agile skater in the class, so his possession can be lengthy but he needs little time when pucks get back to him to send them on net or to the open man. He doesn't need time, as he is decisive and fast with the biscuit while in full flight. Probably projects as a winger at this juncture, as his first year in the Germnan senior leagues saw him at centre and there might have been a few hiccups, because he prefers playing there, but time will decide if he is pro wing or pivot. He is more of a set up man than a shooter but has a nice wrist shot as a shooter. He really has issues handling his defensive responsibilities when he puts on his offensiev blinders. Get passes off with snap and touch, and will one touch advance pucks fot teammate scoring opportunities. Likes to set ala Patrick Kane at the right half wall on the power play. Really needs to bulk up and get stronger but has a frame that can add girth. The best pure skater in the draft class. Has a good frame, but lacks bulk, although is can be a moot point since the opposition cannot stay with him. 

    --Bill Placzek--





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