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What's New?

For those of you who have been coming to DraftSite's many websites over the past few years, we have some exciting new plans for you. DraftSite.com has now redone our entire internal infrastructure to offer you a great, new user experience. We have replaced all of our static data that you could only look at but not touch, with dynamic data that you can now sort and manipulate. In addition we have greatly expanded our DraftSite Analysts and Writing Team for each sport, in an attempt to provide the most informative and accurate content possible. We have created tools for you to become a part of the DraftSite community by registering and utilizing the DraftSite message board system as well as our Create Your Own Mock Draft tool. While this may seem like a drastic change from the simple, old site that you were used to, this is only just the beginning. We will continue to work hard everyday to ensure that we increase and improve the amount of data and functionality that this site has to offer.


  • New Design
  • Navigate easily between drafts, player profiles, teams, schools and more
  • Sortable Tables
  • Search Functionality
  • Larger Staff
  • Create Your Own Mock Draft page